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I just deleted what I planned to post here today.  It ran way too long and I feared you would not stay with me to the end.

But it boils down to this:  Two weeks ago, our elected leaders held a “shutdown” of our government.  It was a fraud, and if not for their willful efforts to make life miserable for us, most of us would not have even noticed it.

All the while these members of our elite political class from both parties made Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee out to be public enemies one and two.  They called them ugly names – terrorists, jihadists, Nazis, wife-beaters and racists.  Even The President of The United States participated.  Those of us who supported the efforts of Cruz and Lee were, by extension, included as targets of these slanderous charges.

All this ugliness was because these two men led a small group of members of Congress who kept their campaign promises and tried to stop Obamacare before it was too late.

Think about that for a minute.  They kept their promises to their constituents and see how they were treated for doing so.

And now we’re living the nightmare of what they tried to stop.  In Washington lingo, it’s a “glitch.”  In the real world, it’s promises broken, it’s ineptitude and arrogance.

President Obama stands in the Rose Garden, puts on his best angry face and proclaims, “No one is more frustrated than me.”  It’s as though he is an innocent bystander who had nothing to do with any of it.  He had no idea.  He was blind-sided.

The big headline at The Drudge Report this morning said 300,000 Dropped From Health Plans In Florida.  That’s 300,000 of my neighbors who believed Obama when he told them they were going to be able to keep their health insurance that just got the rug pulled out from under them.

And it’s happening all across the country.  Real people.  Real lives turned upside down at the whim of lying politicians and their social experiments.

Obamacare was supposed to be all about getting health insurance for a relatively small number of folks who couldn’t afford it.  But it is ensnaring all of us who don’t have connections to the elite class.

The stated goal was never the real goal.  If anyone in Washington truly wanted to fix the problem they would have addressed the root, which is the high cost of health CARE.  But they didn’t.  They addressed insurance instead.  And what they created is simply a complex plan to redistribute the cost, and drive that cost so high that we would be unable to afford it, our current system would collapse and we would clamor for someone to fix it.

Then the real plan would be put in motion – the plan to institute government administered healthcare for us all.

This is what so many of us warned and is the only explanation for what we’re witnessing.  In an honest society where truth is valued, Obama, Reid and Pelosi would be laughed out of office for such a failure.  Sebelius would be in prison.  But we abandoned the truth in favor of politics, so they are indifferent.  This is no big deal.  And that’s because they don’t care if any of this works.  It’s only temporary, a stepping stone on the way to their prize – universal healthcare.

They want to rule, not govern.  They want to regulate us at will.  And positioning themselves between us and our doctors gives them all the power they need to control everything we do.

Cruz and Lee have been marginalized by the complicit media and there is no one left to defend our freedom.  We are alone.  We will now live by the rules we have allowed them to institute.  We didn’t pay attention to what they were doing and their task is just about complete.

We turned out backs.  We were not vigilant about our liberty.  And while we watched American Idol and tweeted about Miley Cyrus, they stole it from us.  The machine they built has been set in motion.  I don’t know how we stop it now.



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Early last week, President Obama was asked why he refused to negotiate with Republicans to put a stop to the Obamagovernment shutdown.

He said, “I have said from the start of the year that I’m happy to talk to Republicans about anything related to the budget. There is not a subject that I am not willing to engage in, work on, negotiate and come up with common-sense compromises on.”

He said the Republicans needed to stop standing in the way of an agreement.  “And as soon as that happens, I am eager and ready to sit down and negotiate with Republicans on a whole range of issues.”

Well, the shutdown is over, the Republicans caved and he has gotten what he wanted.

When do the negotiations begin?

Let’s all watch to see when that happens.

We were also told that Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and the other tea party Republicans were fools to stand in the way of an agreement because the shutdown was stealing all the headlines, and people  were not hearing about how bad the rollout of Obamacare was.

They said if not for the news of the shutdown, the media would be talking all day about the disaster the website was and how no one could register, much less get health insurance.

The nightmare of Obamacare would have been the headlines across the nation, if not for those tea party types.


Well, the shutdown is over and off the front page.  And the Obamacare rollout hasn’t gotten any better.

So let’s all watch to see how the media reports on it now.

Let’s all watch to see how many headlines it gets.


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The government is open!

Woo hoo.

Happy days are here again as the massive machine that is our federal government gets back in gear.


President Obama and the other members of the progressive ruling class are free again to pretend they support our soldiers and veterans.  They can continue to impugn the character and motives of conservative lawmakers, as they borrow even more money in the name of our grandchildren and spend us into ruin and collapse.

They can lay claim to being the winners.  The losers of course, are the taxpayers – the average folks just trying to get by.  They’ll get no relief and will just end up on the hook for more and more as the debt grows larger and larger.

John McCain and the other Republicans who attacked Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul are the cowards.  They claim to be conservatives but were too afraid to go up against that giant government machine in the name of the people who elected them.

The fools?  They are mostly the mainstream media – the water boys and cheerleaders for Team Obama, who don’t yet realize they are the useful idiots.  And they are those who still believe the media is telling them the truth, who believe that government can solve all their problems and are grateful this morning that members of Congress have stopped fighting.  They believe the absence of conflict signals everything is just fine.

The conservatives, the dreaded tea party members of Congress, claim they have no intention of standing down, that they plan to continue the fight.  That’s admirable, but how do they win?  They are a minority, surrounded by life-long political animals who are living the dream and have demonstrated that they are ready to go to any length to squash anyone who tries to ruin it for them.

So celebrate!  Eat, drink and be merry!  Like it or not, the government is back in business!

Oh, and next week?  Amnesty of course!  There’s no such thing as illegal in Washington anymore, no one is held to account for their actions, and it appears there’s not a thing to be done to change that.

The giant machine of government, that rolls along devouring its host, is unstoppable.


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Remember this classic scene from Private Benjamin?

Poor Judy.  She “did join the army.”  But she “joined a different army.”  She “joined the one with the condos and the private rooms.”  Her recruiter painted a rosy picture of the Army.  He lied to her, and she signed on the dotted line.

She ended up scrubbing the latrine with her toothbrush.

Our recruiter painted a rosy picture of Obamacare.

And in spite of warnings, a lot of people believed him and signed on the dotted line.  They re-elected him.

But we didn’t get that wonderful, efficient, low-cost healthcare and we haven’t seen increased wages and our economy isn’t getting better.

Millions of Americans remain unemployed and millions more are now working part-time jobs.  They are getting notices that their health insurance, which they like and want to keep, is being dropped.  Or their premiums and deductibles are being raised out of their reach.

Hospitals are laying off staff.  Doctors are getting out of the profession.    Business owners are running scared.  Our economy is in the tank, we are in debt so deep that my granddaughter will be paying today’s bills and our elected leaders demand the authority to borrow even more.

And those of us still fighting to get us out from under Obamacare before it’s too late are labeled arsonists, anarchists, terrorists, wife-beaters and Confederate soldiers.

Some are beginning to see the truth, but it looks like too little, too late.  It appears that Obamacare is here to stay.

So break out your toothbrushes.  You’re not getting the condos and the private rooms.

Get on your knees and start scrubbing.  We’re all Private Benjamin now.


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The right to vote is fundamental to our government and was intended to ensure that those we elect to represent us will protect our interests and our liberty.  We hear all the time, especially close to Election Day, that our right to vote is sacred.  It should be protected at all costs.  Nothing must stand in the way of any of us casting our ballot.

But what about the responsibility of each citizen to be informed enough to make a wise choice?  What happens when the electorate is ignorant of what is going on around them?

I’m sorry, but I just don’t see the humor here.

I’ll bet that each of these folks knows Snooki.  They know Miley Cyrus too.  And they can tell you who won American Idol.

And most likely, they vote.

Are you angry about what’s going on in Washington right now?  Are you sick and tired of corrupt politicians who tell you one thing, then do the opposite?  Are you frightened that they won’t stop spending our grandchildren’s money?  Are you afraid they are completely clueless about what they are doing?

Well, who’s really to blame?  Who sent them to Washington?  Who said, “Well, I like that guy who does the morning news and he likes that candidate, so I guess I’ll vote for him?”  Or did you just pick the candidate who promised to give you stuff?

We get the government we deserve.  When enough uninformed people go to the polls and cast uneducated, ignorant votes, we end up where we are today.

If you are paying attention and know who is hurting us and who is helping, thank you.

If you are clueless, either get informed or stay home on Election Day.  You are the real reason we are in this mess.


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Obamacare is the law of the land.  I keep hearing that over and over and over.  From Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services:

“It (Obamacare) was passed and signed three years ago. It was upheld by the Supreme Court a year ago. The president was re-elected. This is the law of the land.”

OK.  But then, why aren’t you obeying it?  Why isn’t President Obama obeying it?  Why isn’t the United States Senate obeying it?  We have all watched as they handed out waiver after waiver to politically connected groups, even though it’s “the law of the land.”

The law says that starting January 1, 2014 that all businesses with more than 50 employees must provide health insurance to those employees.  But the White House waived that.  They will ignore it for a year and will not enforce it.  Why can’t you and I get that same waiver?  Why are corporations being exempted from the law, but you and I won’t be?

That’s the question Republican lawmakers have been asking.  They’ve been trying to get us the same exemption from the law that big corporations (campaign donors) are getting.

The law also says that members of Congress and their staff must get their health coverage through the Obamacare exchanges, the same as you or I would have to.  That was, of course, until they received their waiver from the Obama administration.  The very people who forced this on us, refuse to participate.

What are they afraid of?

And why do they refuse to obey “the law of the land?”

Our immigration laws are “the law of the land” yet the Obama administration, and frankly, several prior administrations refuse to obey and enforce those laws.

Our government is not permitted to spy on us.  It’s “the law of the land.”  But the NSA is snooping through our correspondence and collecting all manner of data on each and every one of us.  And they continue doing so despite all our complaints.

Our Constitution grants us the right to free speech, specifically so that we can speak out when we don’t like what our government is doing.  That’s “the law of the land” too.  But agents of the IRS harass and threaten citizens exercising that right.  And we’re about to make them the enforcement mechanism for all our healthcare!  Gee, I just can’t wait until they have access to my personal medical information, can you?!

It is “the law of the land” that Congress give us a budget each year.  Yet they haven’t complied since 2009.  That’s the reason we’re even having the argument about Obamacare today.  We stopped having actual budgets and now run our nation’s finances through “continuing resolutions.”  So we’re forced to watch this drama play out in Washington over and over and over, just as we are now.

So I say fine.  If you want to offer the argument that Obamacare is “the law of the land” and therefore must be followed, then let’s do it.  But we’ll follow all of it.  No more carve-outs, no more waivers, no more exemptions for those who are politically connected.

And we’ll follow all the other laws too.  Bring the NSA, TSA, IRS, Homeland Security, and most of all Congress into compliance.

Let’s all follow “the law of the land” and put an end to the corruption of the drama queens we have running America.

By the way, we may want to begin by asking our elected leaders to explain the law to us.


That is, if any one of them can claim they actually know what’s in all those pages.


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I don’t often put stock in conspiracy theories.  But I do have a very healthy skepticism about any politician whose lips are moving.  And whenever unusual things happen in Washington, I can’t help but wonder what we don’t see going on behind the scenes.  Politicians are naturally deceptive creatures.  They will hold up a shiny object in one hand and demand we all look at it.  All the while, with their other hand, they are picking our pockets or signing away our liberty.

Today we are still watching as President Obama battles Congress and public opinion to use military force in Syria.  Come on, how weird is that?  Obama castigated President Bush for military actions in the Middle East.  He was the guy who was going to end it all and bring peace.  He could use his words to end the discord.  He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize before he ever did a thing but get elected.

But now he finds himself seemingly on the wrong side of this argument.  How the heck does this happen?

Nothing of this magnitude just happens in Washington.  Those in charge use constant polling of public opinion and know who they can and can’t count on in Congress.  I reject the idea that any of this is a surprise to our president and members of his administration.  It’s just impossible for that to happen.

And if that’s the case, why is all this going on?  Why are we having such a public discussion?  Why is the president on the side we didn’t expect him to be on?

Could it be the shiny object?  Congress returns today.  Prior to problems with Syria, the two big items waiting for members of Congress were the immigration bill and funding the government.  These are both hot button issues, but we have not been talking about them, have we?  While our representatives were home and holding their town hall meetings, we were not demanding they oppose amnesty or withhold funding for Obamacare.  We were too busy demanding they not get us into a no-win situation in the Middle East.

Could it be that the Obama administration did not want the news filled with videos from town hall meetings showing constituents demanding their representatives vote against amnesty and against Obamacare?  Did they want to steer the conversation in another direction, thereby providing cover for members of Congress?  Both these issues are vitally important to this administration.  How far would they be willing to go?

President Obama didn’t have to do this.  There is enough gray area about who exactly used those chemical weapons.  We are not the only country on the planet opposed to these weapons.  And as for the military “strategy” proposed?  It’s quite laughable.  Should it even be believed?  Do Barack Obama and John Kerry have an ounce of credibility promoting war?

I could be all wrong about this.  Who knows?  But it nags at me.  After all, how much of a price will Obama pay for this down the road?  The accepted talking point is that if he loses this battle with Congress that he will be ineffective for the remainder of his presidency.  Really?  Do you honestly believe our fawning, compliant media would turn on him?  I don’t.

And if he wins the amnesty vote, installing tens of thousands of new lifetime democrat voters, and he wins the last chance against stopping Obamacare, setting the nation irreversibly on the road to socialism, what else is there?  What else does he need to accomplish?

His level of effectiveness won’t matter then, with or without the media’s blessing.  He will have already achieved his objectives.


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