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It’s being reported this morning that President Obama didn’t know the NSA was spying on our allies.

He didn’t know about the Fast & Furious gun-running.

He didn’t know that the IRS was illegally targeting conservatives.

He didn’t know that they needed help in Benghazi.

He didn’t know the NSA was spying on all of us.

He didn’t know that his Obamacare web site wouldn’t work.

He learns of all these things in the paper, just like you and me.

I just want to know who’s in charge.


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“We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”

Wesley Pruden at the Washington Times claims this quote is from a Park Service Ranger.

And it seems to be true.  All around Washington, fences are being erected to block public access to memorials and monuments normally open for anyone to come and go as they please.  National parks are being shut down.  No they haven’t put a fence around the Grand Canyon (yet) but they are barricading access roads and shutting down privately run business in the parks – restaurants, hotels, camp grounds, fishing and hunting services…  They have even tried to shut down places not owned by the federal government!

And as if that isn’t enough, they have closed the ocean.  Think I’m exaggerating?  Read here for yourself.

This is punitive and vengeful behavior coming from the Obama administration over the “government shutdown.”

And I’ve had about as much of it as I can stand.  Is this the nation Lincoln spoke of at Gettysburg?  Do you see a “government of the people, by the people, for the people?”

Are we sheep?

We live in a republic where we elect representatives to run the place.  They work for us.  President Obama doesn’t own the White House.  We provide that beautiful home out of respect for the person elected to be our president.

The members of Congress do not own the Capitol Building.  We provide that for them as a place to meet and do the work of the nation.

If we are to be banned from federal property, then they should be banned also.  After all, we’re all equal and no one is above the law, right?

Sorry Mr. President, but you and the family are going to have to find other accommodations.  We know it’s short notice, but we are having a government shutdown, you know.  Please step aside.  They’re bringing in the barricades.

And you members of Congress are going to have to make other arrangements.  The Capitol Building is being barricaded too.  Sorry.  Government shutdown.  It is federal property.

Your staff and security have been furloughed and your cell phone service has been turned off.  Don’t worry, though.  It’s just for a little while, until the government shutdown is over.  And I hear there are people working on that.

The President of The United States and the United States Congress are not our rulers!  They are our employees!  And it’s time that they, and we, started acting as such.

The White House, the Capitol, the monuments, the parks, all of it, every single square inch of it belongs to us.  How dare they tell us we can’t visit the Grand Canyon or go fishing in Biscayne Bay.  How dare they barricade aging war veterans from their memorial.

But it seems to me that too many Americans are willing to put up with it.  Are you?  Are you willing to sit down and shut up while the Obama administration and the Washington elites steal more of your liberty?

Are you an American or are you a sheep?

Maybe you don’t care.  Maybe you’re content to turn on American Idol and hope for the best.  Maybe you’re content with whatever scraps they toss your way, as long as you don’t have to pay attention to any of that political stuff.  They’re all crooks and liars anyway, so why bother?

Well, you’re at least right about that part.  They are crooks and liars.  And they are stealing your future and that of your children and grandchildren right from under your nose because you can’t turn off the damned TV and stand up for yourself.

What do you plan to tell your grandchildren when they’re old enough?  That America was once a great country and we were free, but you let it slip through your fingers?  What apology will you offer that justifies their bondage and poverty?  You were just too busy and you thought someone else would take care of it?  Who?

I don’t care what side of the argument you are on concerning this phony-baloney government shutdown, but you should not tolerate this presidential show of power.  As I said last week, Obama is our president, not our king.  And he has no right to order agents of the federal government, paid with our tax dollars, to “make life as difficult for people as we can.”

They are snooping into our private correspondence, they demand we give them our private medical records, they spy on us from every street corner, they use the IRS and the TSA to squash our Constitutional rights, they intimidate members of the press who they don’t already control, they manipulate our currency to their advantage and at our expense , they openly invite foreign invaders into our communities against our wishes and they are arming domestic government agencies like nothing I have ever seen before.

And now they are sending armed federal police to keep us off our own property.

What the hell is it going to take to wake you people up?


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My daughter and son-in-law have been going to the airport to greet returning Honor Flights.  Hundreds of Americans show up for these events.



They bring my granddaughter, and although she’s only 2 years old, and doesn’t really know what she’s participating in, I like that they are teaching her how to respect these veterans.  There’s a certain circle-of-life thing to it.



Honor Flight is the group that arranges to get veterans, mostly from WWII, to Washington, DC, to see the war memorials.  Through donations, they fly the veterans from their home states to DC for the day.  Most of these heroes would otherwise never get to make the trip.  This is just one of those really good things that Americans do for each other.

It has been hard to watch what’s happened in the past couple of days, as these memorials have been fenced off, blocking access to the veterans, telling them they are not welcome.

HonorFlight7I’m sure you’ve already made up your mind about who is to blame for this national disgrace, but we need to be clear that The President of The United States has discretion in this matter.  Just last week, the White House “found” $100 million of “untapped” funds to bailout Detroit, whose liberal policies have run that city into the ground.  But somehow we can’t afford to permit aging veterans into our national memorials dedicated to them and their service to America and the world.

The WWII memorial, and others that have been blocked, are open areas.  They have no fences (until two days ago) or gates or walls or doors.  There is no fee charged to enter.  The Park Police monitor these places, but there is no big law enforcement presence.  The Lincoln Memorial was defaced a couple of months ago with no police officer anywhere around.  Sen. Rand Paul jokingly tweeted that the Obama administration sent more agents to defend the memorial from veterans in wheelchairs than they sent to protect our ambassador in Benghazi.

The truth is that it cost more to erect the barricades and patrol them than we ever spend on security.  There is absolutely no good reason that any of this is happening.

Again, President Obama has discretion here, and all fingers point to him.  (We’ll find out for sure at some point in the future – the FOIA requests have already been filed.)  Recalling that our school children are still banned from entering the White House, the People’s House, and now watching the despicable spectacle of 90-year-old veterans in wheelchairs being banned from their national monument, a pattern becomes visible.

For sure, this is not a random, unintended consequence.  It is purposeful.  And it has been done to make a point – a point I reject.  I suspect you and most other Americans reject it also.

I’m finding it difficult to come up with the right words to describe my thoughts and feelings about this.  Disrespectful, disgraceful, dishonest?  Petulant, vengeful, arrogant?  How about un-American?  How about narcissistic?

We live in a democratic republic, not a monarchy.  President Obama is an elected man, not a king.

He tells us he cares about ordinary Americans.

But all I hear is, “Let them eat cake.”


Update:  The cemetery and memorial in Normandy has now been shut down.  The Obama administration has seen the outrage of Americans over their actions in DC, but instead of making the proper adjustment, they raise the ante.

Update II:  The feds are now trying to shut down Mount Vernon, Washington’s home.  The problem is, they don’t own it. 

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I don’t often put stock in conspiracy theories.  But I do have a very healthy skepticism about any politician whose lips are moving.  And whenever unusual things happen in Washington, I can’t help but wonder what we don’t see going on behind the scenes.  Politicians are naturally deceptive creatures.  They will hold up a shiny object in one hand and demand we all look at it.  All the while, with their other hand, they are picking our pockets or signing away our liberty.

Today we are still watching as President Obama battles Congress and public opinion to use military force in Syria.  Come on, how weird is that?  Obama castigated President Bush for military actions in the Middle East.  He was the guy who was going to end it all and bring peace.  He could use his words to end the discord.  He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize before he ever did a thing but get elected.

But now he finds himself seemingly on the wrong side of this argument.  How the heck does this happen?

Nothing of this magnitude just happens in Washington.  Those in charge use constant polling of public opinion and know who they can and can’t count on in Congress.  I reject the idea that any of this is a surprise to our president and members of his administration.  It’s just impossible for that to happen.

And if that’s the case, why is all this going on?  Why are we having such a public discussion?  Why is the president on the side we didn’t expect him to be on?

Could it be the shiny object?  Congress returns today.  Prior to problems with Syria, the two big items waiting for members of Congress were the immigration bill and funding the government.  These are both hot button issues, but we have not been talking about them, have we?  While our representatives were home and holding their town hall meetings, we were not demanding they oppose amnesty or withhold funding for Obamacare.  We were too busy demanding they not get us into a no-win situation in the Middle East.

Could it be that the Obama administration did not want the news filled with videos from town hall meetings showing constituents demanding their representatives vote against amnesty and against Obamacare?  Did they want to steer the conversation in another direction, thereby providing cover for members of Congress?  Both these issues are vitally important to this administration.  How far would they be willing to go?

President Obama didn’t have to do this.  There is enough gray area about who exactly used those chemical weapons.  We are not the only country on the planet opposed to these weapons.  And as for the military “strategy” proposed?  It’s quite laughable.  Should it even be believed?  Do Barack Obama and John Kerry have an ounce of credibility promoting war?

I could be all wrong about this.  Who knows?  But it nags at me.  After all, how much of a price will Obama pay for this down the road?  The accepted talking point is that if he loses this battle with Congress that he will be ineffective for the remainder of his presidency.  Really?  Do you honestly believe our fawning, compliant media would turn on him?  I don’t.

And if he wins the amnesty vote, installing tens of thousands of new lifetime democrat voters, and he wins the last chance against stopping Obamacare, setting the nation irreversibly on the road to socialism, what else is there?  What else does he need to accomplish?

His level of effectiveness won’t matter then, with or without the media’s blessing.  He will have already achieved his objectives.


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I really didn’t plan on doing this, but since it looks as though this is going to be a federal case, I guess we have to do the rodeo clown thing.  So here goes.

It’s a rodeo clown.


R-O-D-E-O C-L-O-W-N.

A rodeo clown!

If you are truly bothered by this incident, you have no life and you have far too much free time.  For your sake and for the sanity of the rest of us, please seek professional help.


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Last week we celebrated the anniversary of America’s Independence and the men who risked everything for liberty.

But there must be something in the air out in California.  Watch as these people are asked to sign a fictitious petition, supporting President Obama’s effort to abolish the Bill of Rights.

One after another, after another, after another signs the petition.  It scares me to the bone that these people may be registered to vote.

Only at the end does a veteran refuse to sign.  He is the only one who refuses to sign away his freedom.


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Last night, the Treasury Department (the soon-to-be enforcers of our healthcare) posted an announcement on their website about Obamacare.

“The Administration is announcing that it will provide an additional year before the ACA mandatory employer and insurer reporting requirements begin.”

Everyone has been scrambling, trying to figure out how to comply with the law and come up with the money to pay for that compliance, with little direction from the government that imposed it on us.  Implementation is just months away and no one seems to know what to do.  The exchanges promised by the government are still not set up and the law is still being written, as so much was left by Congress to be up to the “discretion” of the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius.

It’s contributing to unemployment, as companies large and small look for ways to avoid being penalized.  The nation is engaged in a giant game of hot potato.  No one wants to get stuck paying the bill.

The Obama administration, who have loudly been touting Obamacare as “the law of the land,” now seems like it doesn’t want to comply with it either.  Everyone, including some on the left, are calling the entire thing a “trainwreck.”    So, as has become a habit now, the administration is picking another portion of another law that it doesn’t like and announcing that they simply won’t enforce it.

Businesses are to get a free ride for another year.  We won’t have to watch that trainwreck happen, at least not now, not until 2015, at which time the administration says it will enforce the law.  Now, what happens in November of 2014, right before all this?

Think, think, think….

Oh yeah!  Midterm elections!

The left is hoping to take back the House and retain the Senate next year.  But if voters actually see Obamacare in practice, that is simply not going to happen.  Obamacare is such a disaster that the democrats know they will lose even the low information voters who still believe they are going to get super-deluxe healthcare that someone else is going to pay for.  Remember, not a single republican voted for Obamacare.

My own personal opinion is that President Obama and his close, inner circle don’t really care about any of this.  They are content to ride out the minutia and the day-to-day issues in favor of their larger plan.  These are book people.  They are academics and idealists.  Like their foreign policy, all this works out great on a blackboard and in the faculty lounge discussions.  They peer down their noses at those of us who point out the faults of their plans.

It doesn’t much matter to them that Americans are suffering because the country has no direction and the rest of the world is spinning out of control.  It works in their books and so they know in their minds, that it will eventually work in practice if they just get rid of the opposition and give it enough time.  This is naïve at best and insane at worst.

We are living their dream.  We are their guinea pigs.  We are their experiment in progressive ideology.  They are rich and insulated and will pay no price when all this crumbles.  That will be left to us also.

So if they have to put off their grand plan for another year to placate some members of Congress and deceive voters just a little longer, it’s no big deal.  It’s a small price to pay to see their lifes’ work implemented, and their progressive dreams imposed on us all.


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In 2007, candidate Obama complained about wiretapping done by the Bush administration.

It would be funny if it weren’t so very serious.

We find ourselves 6 years later with an IRS that isn’t satisfied with all that they already know about some of us and who soon will have access to all our private medical records.  The police can collect our DNA at will.  The DHS insists it has legal access to our laptops and phones.  We are subject to humiliating searches by the TSA.  The Justice Department spies on the press.

And now the NSA and FBI are snooping through our phone records and every keystroke we make on our computers.

We’re told they need to do this to keep us safe.  They’re mining all this data, looking for patterns that will help them find terrorists before they can do their dirty work.

Oh for Heaven’s sake!  The Russians called us on the phone and said, “Hey, that guy in Boston is a bad one – you better watch him!”  We ended up with three dead and dozens of missing limbs.  But we’re supposed to tolerate another loss of privacy because our government plans to uncover some super-secret spy plan?

Is this Obama’s version of liberty and justice?  His version of restoring our privacy?  It sounded great when he said all that in 2007, when he wanted our votes.  But does today’s America look anything like the one he promised back then?

We all want to be safe.  We want to protect ourselves and those we love.  But what price are we willing to pay for it all?  We are watching abuse of power play out on the TV news each night now.  Too many of those in charge are taking advantage of the trust we put in them.

Last year when I was entertaining the idea of starting this blog, I hesitated, wondering if it was a good idea to put my politics and my views into such a public forum.  And after seeing what the IRS did to tea party groups, it’s clear my concerns were on a solid foundation.  And these are the same people who will be at the controls of my healthcare in the near future.  Will Liberty Trail be in play when I require some medical attention?

But now it seems that we are not even left with that choice.  By simply visiting here or other places on the World Wide Web, is each of us being categorized by our politics?  By our loyalty to one party or another?  A 2009 report from DHS said that “right-wing extremism” was on the rise and issued caution of such groups to law enforcement.  Well, what’s their definition of extremism?

We’re in shaky territory here.  And it’s time for Americans to decide what our nation will be in the future.  Will fear and simple indifference destroy the liberties our founders fought for and passed on to us?  Or will we defend what is ours, what so many have fought and died for, our freedom to speak our minds and live our lives unencumbered by a prying, overbearing government?

I’ve made my decision.  What will you do?


Extra reading:  WaPo data mining story

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StephanieCutterAny of you who have been reading here for a while know that Stephanie Cutter is not one of my favorite people.  For our LIVs, Ms. Cutter was President Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager for the 2012 election.  She became a bit famous at that time for having been caught lying on a pretty regular basis.

After the election, she and the team changed their name to Organizing for Action, applied for 501(c) 4 status and went about continuing to prop up the president’s agenda.  They didn’t even bother changing their web address.  It’s still mybarackobama.com.

Cutter was sent out last week with the clean-up crew, trying to mop up some of the mess of the multiple scandals the White House is facing.  Her assignment was to smooth over the problems with Doug Shulman, the former head of the IRS.  We recently learned that Shulman visited the White House over 150 times between October 2009 and December of 2012.  There has been a lot of speculation about all those visits as we now know that the IRS was targeting conservative groups at that same time.

Cutter appeared on CNN and said, “…many of those meetings were for healthcare implementation. I was in them with him. So there’s nothing nefarious going on.”

Now, Ms. Cutter has been with the Obama administration in various positions since the 2008 campaign.  In 2010 she worked on “communications and outreach” for the ACA (Obamacare) so it’s reasonable to assume she attended some meetings on the subject.

But the following year she assumed a different position and by September of 2011 took the job as Deputy Campaign Manager.

So are we to believe that while she was working on the campaign, she was also involved in the implementation of Obamacare?  I guess there’s nothing illegal about it.  But I take issue with a person of such questionable character involved in the future of all our healthcare.  What’s her medical expertise?  What does she know about insurance?  Besides her skill in dirty politics, what was her contribution?

Her claim that nothing nefarious was going on in these meetings is laughable.  If there’s a meeting and she’s in the room, it’s likely that something very nefarious is going on.

Of course, all this concern about Cutter’s part might be much ado about nothing.  Perhaps Mr. Shulman wasn’t at the White House all those times to discuss Obamacare at all, and was in fact there to discuss how to target conservative groups, and Ms. Cutter Pinocciodidn’t attend all those meetings with him about Obamacare because they never happened.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time she was caught lying.


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Attorney General Eric Holder is not the most popular kid on the block.  He threw a little party yesterday, but a lot of the folks he invited said, “No thanks.”EricHolder

Since it became public knowledge that Holder has been secretly snooping around in the phone and email accounts of journalists, and telling a judge that FOX News’ James Rosen is a traitor, his favorability has dropped a bit.

He had invited members of the press to attend a meeting to discuss how the Justice Department would handle investigations that involve reporters in the future.  Later he said, “Did I mention our little meeting would be off the record?”

The media types were aghast.  What was the point of attending if they would not be permitted to share what they heard?  And a very large group of them decided not to attend, giving the “off the record” status as their reason.  And that’s a good reason.

However, my concern has been a bit more basic.  I’ve been wondering why the Attorney General of the United States needed such a meeting at all – on or off the record.  What’s to discuss?  Don’t we have laws and doesn’t he know what they are?

Holder approved a request for a warrant on Rosen, which said Rosen was suspected of espionage, naming him as a co-conspirator and a flight risk.  Did Holder believe this all to be true or not?  If he had reason to believe this, he was within his rights and his duty to approve it.  If he didn’t believe it, then he lied to a federal judge and abused the power of his position for political purposes.

This is pretty simple stuff and doesn’t require meetings, discussions or new guidelines.

I see another issue here which is more important to pay attention to.  The press is legitimately ticked off right now.  This is a personal attack and they are taking it as such.  They’re collectively pouting and chastising Holder for what he’s done.  All this is exactly the reaction they should have.

But how long will it last?  Let’s remember that the old, mainstream media is populated by progressive thinkers.  This is the same media who has fawned adoringly over Barack Obama like 12 year-old Justin Beiber fans since 2008.  They have supported this president since the first moment he stepped onto the national stage.  They have been behind every cause, overlooked every misstep and punished every opponent.

By extension, they have supported every member of this administration with the same enthusiasm and dedication.  This is not the first time Holder has been caught overstepping his boundaries.  But he’s gotten away with it every time, thanks to the support of the press.

This time may be too much and Holder may well be gone soon.  But who will replace him?  Another Obama appointee will fill that job, doing the same work for the same administration with the same ideology.

The old media’s outrage will soon be gone too.  They have much invested in the current administration and they share the same political ideology.  What else would they do?  Start supporting republican politicians and conservative ideas?

No, that’s never going to happen.

So we can enjoy this brief moment in time when the media gets a little taste of its own medicine.  But don’t count on it lasting long.  They’ll quickly fall back into their established patterns and toe the line as they are expected to.

They have nowhere else to go.


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