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Godwin’s Law no longer applies, not in Obama’s America, not when average Americans are talking about the “Gestapo tactics” of federal police.

More stories of the vengeance being served up for Americans surface every day.  Yesterday we learned of a group of seniors on a bus tour to Yellowstone being held as prisoners in their hotel.  Armed Park Police forbid they go outside.  They stood guard at the doors.  They barricaded Old Faithful.  They forbid the seniors from taking pictures, saying they could not do that as it was “recreating” and that is not permitted on public land during a government shutdown.

Some of the foreign tourists on the trip thought they were under arrest.  Imagine that!  Visitors from other countries coming to The Land of The Free thought they were under arrest by our federal government.

The tour guide described the behavior of the Park Police as “Gestapo tactics.”

If you haven’t yet seen the full story, read it here.

But perhaps the worst story yet in all this is the news that the United States of America will not pay death benefits to the families of five soldiers killed during our phony government shutdown.  Congress is blaming the Defense Dept. and they, of course, are blaming Congress.

I blame the Commander-In-Chief.

We’ve all watched as President Obama re-writes laws on regular basis with the stroke of his pen.  It would take one phone call from him and the families of our dead soldiers would be taken care of.

But he hasn’t picked up the phone.

It costs money to erect barricades all over Washington and all around the country.  It costs money to have armed agents of the federal government guard these newly off-limit areas.  Money we’re told we don’t have.  Which is it?

And while our veterans and average American citizens are not welcome in our nation’s capital, Nancy Pelosi specifically thanked Obama for opening up the Mall for a rally for illegal aliens yesterday.


He picked up the phone for that.

All this is wearing on America.  People who work hard and play by the rules don’t like what’s going on.  And their displeasure with Washington politicians goes back far past this current shutdown.  A couple of years ago all that anger manifested in the Tea Party rallies.  These were peaceful gatherings.

On Friday, we’re expecting thousands of truckers to descend on Washington for the “Truckers Ride for the Constitution.”  The drivers say they will clog the beltway, tying up traffic there for three days.  While this certainly isn’t violent, it’s far more active and disruptive than standing around holding a sign for a few hours.

What then?  Do the protests continue to escalate?  What comes next?

More importantly, is this the objective of our president and his advisors?  Does he want Americans to be so angry at their government?

It certainly appears that way, doesn’t it?

If not, why all the poking?  Why all the shoving?  Why push Americans around and treat them so badly that “Gestapo tactics” gets tossed out by a tour bus driver and a bunch of senior citizens?  Why the ongoing effort to so publicly disrespect our soldiers and veterans?

We are in some uncharted territory here, folks.  Tread lightly.  Watch your back.  Watch out for each other.  I think we’re in for a very bumpy ride.  And it will be easy to abandon our principles and simply fall into line.  But the cost of that easy out will be paid with our liberty.

Remember that when the truth is on your side, you hold the real power.  Stay focused on that truth and when it’s all over, we win.  And win we must.  The stakes are just too high.


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My daughter and son-in-law have been going to the airport to greet returning Honor Flights.  Hundreds of Americans show up for these events.



They bring my granddaughter, and although she’s only 2 years old, and doesn’t really know what she’s participating in, I like that they are teaching her how to respect these veterans.  There’s a certain circle-of-life thing to it.



Honor Flight is the group that arranges to get veterans, mostly from WWII, to Washington, DC, to see the war memorials.  Through donations, they fly the veterans from their home states to DC for the day.  Most of these heroes would otherwise never get to make the trip.  This is just one of those really good things that Americans do for each other.

It has been hard to watch what’s happened in the past couple of days, as these memorials have been fenced off, blocking access to the veterans, telling them they are not welcome.

HonorFlight7I’m sure you’ve already made up your mind about who is to blame for this national disgrace, but we need to be clear that The President of The United States has discretion in this matter.  Just last week, the White House “found” $100 million of “untapped” funds to bailout Detroit, whose liberal policies have run that city into the ground.  But somehow we can’t afford to permit aging veterans into our national memorials dedicated to them and their service to America and the world.

The WWII memorial, and others that have been blocked, are open areas.  They have no fences (until two days ago) or gates or walls or doors.  There is no fee charged to enter.  The Park Police monitor these places, but there is no big law enforcement presence.  The Lincoln Memorial was defaced a couple of months ago with no police officer anywhere around.  Sen. Rand Paul jokingly tweeted that the Obama administration sent more agents to defend the memorial from veterans in wheelchairs than they sent to protect our ambassador in Benghazi.

The truth is that it cost more to erect the barricades and patrol them than we ever spend on security.  There is absolutely no good reason that any of this is happening.

Again, President Obama has discretion here, and all fingers point to him.  (We’ll find out for sure at some point in the future – the FOIA requests have already been filed.)  Recalling that our school children are still banned from entering the White House, the People’s House, and now watching the despicable spectacle of 90-year-old veterans in wheelchairs being banned from their national monument, a pattern becomes visible.

For sure, this is not a random, unintended consequence.  It is purposeful.  And it has been done to make a point – a point I reject.  I suspect you and most other Americans reject it also.

I’m finding it difficult to come up with the right words to describe my thoughts and feelings about this.  Disrespectful, disgraceful, dishonest?  Petulant, vengeful, arrogant?  How about un-American?  How about narcissistic?

We live in a democratic republic, not a monarchy.  President Obama is an elected man, not a king.

He tells us he cares about ordinary Americans.

But all I hear is, “Let them eat cake.”


Update:  The cemetery and memorial in Normandy has now been shut down.  The Obama administration has seen the outrage of Americans over their actions in DC, but instead of making the proper adjustment, they raise the ante.

Update II:  The feds are now trying to shut down Mount Vernon, Washington’s home.  The problem is, they don’t own it. 

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The right to vote is fundamental to our government and was intended to ensure that those we elect to represent us will protect our interests and our liberty.  We hear all the time, especially close to Election Day, that our right to vote is sacred.  It should be protected at all costs.  Nothing must stand in the way of any of us casting our ballot.

But what about the responsibility of each citizen to be informed enough to make a wise choice?  What happens when the electorate is ignorant of what is going on around them?

I’m sorry, but I just don’t see the humor here.

I’ll bet that each of these folks knows Snooki.  They know Miley Cyrus too.  And they can tell you who won American Idol.

And most likely, they vote.

Are you angry about what’s going on in Washington right now?  Are you sick and tired of corrupt politicians who tell you one thing, then do the opposite?  Are you frightened that they won’t stop spending our grandchildren’s money?  Are you afraid they are completely clueless about what they are doing?

Well, who’s really to blame?  Who sent them to Washington?  Who said, “Well, I like that guy who does the morning news and he likes that candidate, so I guess I’ll vote for him?”  Or did you just pick the candidate who promised to give you stuff?

We get the government we deserve.  When enough uninformed people go to the polls and cast uneducated, ignorant votes, we end up where we are today.

If you are paying attention and know who is hurting us and who is helping, thank you.

If you are clueless, either get informed or stay home on Election Day.  You are the real reason we are in this mess.


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This is a video of people waiting on line for a book signing in New York.  It’s a pretty long line.

They are waiting for a chance to meet Mark Levin and have him sign his latest book The Liberty Amendments.  It’s #1 on the New York Times bestseller list.

So why is this book so popular and why are people willing to wait on line for hours to score a few seconds face to face with the author?

I picked it up over the weekend and got a chance to read just a bit of it.  I don’t think Levin would mind if I shared a paragraph with you.

What was to be a relatively innocuous federal government, operating from a defined enumeration of specific grants of power, has become an ever-present and unaccountable force.  It is the nation’s largest creditor, debtor, lender, employer, consumer, contractor, grantor, property owner, tenant, insurer, health-care provider, and pension guarantor.  Moreover, with aggrandized police powers, what it does not control directly it bans or mandates by regulation.  For example, the federal government regulates most things in your bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen, as well as the mortgage you hold on your house.  It designs your automobile and dictates the kind of fuel it uses.  It regulates your baby’s toys, crib, and stroller; plans your children’s school curriculum and lunch menu; and administers their student loans in college.  At your place of employment, the federal government oversees everything from the racial, gender and age diversity of the workforce to the hours, wages and benefits paid.  Indeed, the question is not what the federal government regulates, but what it does not.  And it makes you wonder-how can a people incapable of selecting their own lightbulbs and toilets possess enough competence to vote for their own rulers and fill out complicated tax returns?

And that’s just page 6.

But the book is not a collection of complaints or doomsday preaching.  This is just how Levin sets the stage. The book is about a solution.  Levin writes that the answer is in our Constitution, in Article V, that provides for the states to propose and ratify amendments to that Constitution.  He suggests a list of such amendments for consideration as a way for the states to take back the power that the federal government has stripped them of and return to a form of government closer to what the Founders intended.

It’s no surprise that people would stand in line for this.  They are all well aware of the problems.  No one has to spell those out for them.  But solutions are hard to come by.

And Americans will stand in line for them for as long as it takes.


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This is one of my favorite scenes from Duck Dynasty.

My husband and I laughed out loud watching that one.  Take away the beard, the boat and the swamp and Phil Robertson is everyman.  Well, at least he’s my husband who has also mastered the art of tuning out “chatter.”

That lack of political correctness, the honesty about something as simple as the fundamental differences between the sexes is refreshing and draws me to watch this show.

Almost 12 million of us tuned in to watch the season premiere of Duck Dynasty.  The show has become a phenomenon, and Americans just can’t get enough of the Robertson family.  When we’re not watching, we’re making them even richer by buying Duck Dynasty gear – mugs, t-shirts, videos, bobble heads, doormats, sunglasses…  You can even get an official Duck Commander Marshmallow Blaster.


But what is it that makes this show, this family, so endearing?  They certainly don’t fit the modern standard for stardom.


They don’t look the part.  They own guns.  They shoot animals.  And eat them!  They believe in God.

But I think that’s just it.  I think we are drawn to them because they are not like Hollywood, but more like us.  Or maybe how we would like to be.  The Robertsons may look like throwbacks to another time, but their values are timeless and purely American.

The men actually behave like men.  And they don’t apologize for it.  Their wives may not be thrilled with those wild beards, but they accept their husbands and don’t nag them about being men and doing what men do.  In return, those men respect their wives.  Maybe it’s a little thing like listening to a little chatter, but there is a mutual respect that seems lost in our current society that dictates too much of our behavior.

While politicians and activists promote more and more control of firearms, the Robertsons seem oblivious.  Their guns are a part of their way of life.  In the past, Phil used his shooting skills to provide food for his family.  They are wealthy enough now that Phil no longer has to hunt for food, but he still prefers to live his life as he always has.  Telling Phil Robertson that he is no longer permitted to use a gun would be like putting him in prison.

There’s a wildness to this family.  It’s normal to them, but those of us living as “yuppies” in cookie-cutter houses in the suburbs are drawn to it.  Our lives are more and more regulated, restricted, managed, controlled, surveilled and mandated.  But this family is free.  We might get away for an occasional week to enjoy the great outdoors, or to hunt or do a little fishing.  The Robertsons just go out to the backyard.

If they want to hunt, they hunt.  If they want to fish, they fish.  If they want to blow something up, they do.  And no, I don’t understand why men like to blow things up.  I just know that they do and who am I to judge?

At the end of each episode, at the end of their day, the Robertsons gather together for the evening meal.  (June Cleaver would be proud.)  Phil commands, “Ya all bow.”  And he prays, thanking Jesus for the bounty He has provided.  I read somewhere that this was a deal-breaker, that this family would not hide their Christian faith on the show.  That faith is integral to their lives and had to be included.  It’s another rarity on display each week.

This family isn’t perfect.  In the season premier, at their belated wedding Miss Kay told Phil that she loved him even “when you weren’t very nice.”  They’ve had their hard times, but stuck it out and made it work.  Their sons seem to be decent men who married well.  The grandchildren are loved and their upbringing is the family’s business.  Everyone participates.

And who wouldn’t want all that?  I guess there are some who watch just to see what crazy thing Uncle Si might say that week.  There’s probably a few who watch just to mock and exercise some mistaken sense of superiority.

But I think most of us watch because it is familiar.  We may not have the beards, wear the camo or skin our own dinner.  But we have the same values as the Robertsons – love of God and family, pride in America’s greatness, in self-reliance, defense of liberty, and little tolerance for political correctness.

In the past we could tune into Little House on The Prairie or The Waltons to find these and to offer our children quality entertainment and worthy role models.  That’s not so easy anymore.  I cringe at some of the people our youngsters idolize today.  Hollywood has traded in those values for gratuitous violence and hyper-sex and serves this to our youngsters as glamorous and hip.

Then along comes this unlikely family of rednecks.  They are imperfect, they don’t take themselves too seriously, yet we see in them all that we fear is slipping through our fingers.  But their success signals that we are not alone, that there are other Americans out there who also share the Robertson’s values – at least 12 million of them.

And that makes me happy, happy, happy.


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On Tuesday, President Obama’s spokesman, Jay Carney, gave us a peek into what the president would focus on in his current campaign tour.

Phony scandals?  Surely Carney was joking.

But he wasn’t.  Phony is exactly what Obama said the next day in an otherwise snoozer of a speech at Knox College in Illinois.

He took a lot of heat for the line.  But just to be sure that no one got the wrong idea and wouldn’t assume he just chose his words poorly, he doubled down and repeated the charge yesterday while speaking to another handpicked crowd of adoring fans.

Like so many others, I’m still picking my chin up from the floor and wondering which scandals he’s referring to.  Is he talking about Border Agent Brian Terry, who was killed with a Fast and Furious gun?  Or the hundreds of Mexican citizens who were killed with those guns?  Are they phony?

Or could he be talking about the four Americans murdered in Benghazi?  Are they phony?

Maybe he meant the hundreds of conservative groups systematically targeted illegally by the IRS and prevented from participating in our political system for two election cycles.

Or perhaps he meant the reporters whose phone records were “obtained” by the Justice Department.  Maybe he meant James Rosen, the FOX News correspondent who the same Justice Department falsely named as a co-conspirator in an espionage case in order to obtain access to his phone and email accounts.

Perhaps he meant the revelation that the NSA is collecting data on each and every one of us, storing it all away for some yet undisclosed purpose in the future.

Are these all phony?

Who paid any price for the death of Brian Terry?  Who has paid for the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty or Ty Woods?  The only person jailed was the guy who made the video.  Who ordered that video be used as a cover-up?  Talk about phony baloney.

Who’s investigating the IRS?  The American citizens who testified before Congress about how they were targeted and abused say no one from the FBI or anyone else has contacted them.

I’m angry.  Really angry.  All around me, I see the lives of Americans being destroyed.  Good, decent, hard-working people who have played by the rules all their lives are losing their jobs, their businesses, their homes and their life savings.

What’s being done about it?  Arrogant, overpaid bureaucrats hide behind their “rights.”


Lois Lerner

Except for a tiny handful of decent men and women, members of Congress go along to get along, spending borrowed money we can never repay, and covering up for the most outrageous and criminal behavior of those in positions of power.  Their number one concern is getting re-elected and staying on the gravy train of taxpayer dollars.  Meanwhile, they preach to the rest of us, call us cowardly racists and just too simple-minded to understand their grand plan.

Our president sneers at our complaints, and with his signature smirk he labels them phony.  He dismisses us and swats us away as one would a gnat on a hot summer day.

It’s spiraling out of control now folks.  Nothing is being done about any of this.  They’re simply waiting us out.  They’re waiting until we get tired of asking for answers and action.  Obamacare will soon hit us and that will do the job.  As we all watch our healthcare system implode and find ourselves with little access to medical care we’ll realize that they even have the power to take away our health.

What’s happening is all very real.  And a real price will be paid by real Americans.

They only things that are phony are the hollow words coming from our leaders.


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Way back in 2010, Christine O’Donnell ran for the United States Senate for the State of Delaware.  O’Donnell was a tea party favorite and became the target ChristineODonnellof some fantastic stories at the hand of her opponents.

One of those stories was about a tax lien on her home.  It was alleged that she wasn’t all that bright and couldn’t manage her own finances.  And to top it off she hadn’t paid her taxes.  Why should such a person hold a position of authority?  It didn’t matter that the lien was not real.  She lost the race.

More information about that lien is trickling out now.  O’Donnell recently got a call from an investigator at the Treasury Department to tell her that some official from the State of Delaware had accessed her tax records improperly.  The date of that access was March 9, 2010.

Coincidentally, that was the same date that O’Donnell announced she was running for the Senate.  Wow, small world, huh?  But if that’s not enough for you, March 9, 2010 was also the date that the IRS placed the tax lien (for the home she no longer owned and didn’t owe any taxes on) into Ms. O’Donnell’s records.

What are the odds?

A Delaware official says the investigation into O’Donnell’s tax records was done properly, and says it was done on March 20, not March 9.  But he can’t provide any evidence or additional information as all their records of the event have already been destroyed.

I’ll give you a minute for that one.

We’ve learned in recent months that the IRS has engaged in a systematic effort to use its power to undermine the most basic rights of conservative Americans by way of denying and delaying tax exempt status for any groups associated with conservative values.  Now it appears the abuse runs deeper than we imagined.

Let’s engage in our own fantastic story for a moment.  Fast forward a bit to the presidential race in 2016. Obamacare is in full swing and, as planned, the IRS has access to all our medical records.  Their abuse of power continues unchecked.

The Republican Party has chosen Margaret O’Malley as their candidate.  She’s a rock-solid conservative and the first female ever in such a position.  With just weeks to go until Election Day, O’Malley is leading and looks headed to be the next President of The United States.

On an otherwise average Monday morning, the headline of the New York Times screams that O’Malley is mentally unstable.  The story reveals that The Times has obtained a copy of her medical records showing her history of being institutionalized for depression and drug abuse.  The associated criminal offenses are hinted at.  There are also records of treatment for a variety of STDs and a listing of multiple abortions – from the pro-life candidate.

O’Malley steps to the microphones and claims innocence of each and every charge, but she is unable to overcome the media frenzy.  She drops in the polls like a brick and is beaten by the Democrat Party candidate in a landslide.  Her reputation is left in ruins.

A couple of months later, as the new president is about to be inaugurated, The Times prints a retraction in two tiny paragraphs on page 32, below the fold.  They reveal that the IRS accidentally attached the medical records of another person to those of Ms. O’Malley.  Oops.  They still refuse to reveal the identity of the person who leaked O’Malley’s records to them.  The Justice Department quietly drops the investigation.

Do you think that story is too fantastic?  I don’t.  I think it’s right where we are headed.  Our government has been ruling against the wishes of the people for quite a long time already.  And now they are shutting the door behind them.  They are guaranteeing their power never be challenged by letting in only those who they trust.

Question them, challenge them or expose them and you’ll find the power they have claimed for themselves come down on you in a way you simply cannot defend.  If they can’t find anything “usefull” to discredit an opponent, they will simply make it up.  They’ve been doing it for years by way of innuendo.  Now they simply have to turn to their pals, conveniently positioned in the maze of bureaucracy they have created, to obtain “real” evidence for whatever fantasy they require.


Additional info from The Washington Times

More from The Washington Times

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I think it’s important that we all start from the same place.  The implementation of Obamacare was never meant to run smoothly.  The objective has always been government-run healthcare.  That was the starting point and everything else about the law works backwards from there.

While the world has been fixated on the Zimmerman trial, the U.S. government has been humming along, mostly unnoticed.  Over the long Fourth of July weekend, the Obama administration quietly announced that it would not enforce the part of the Obamacare law that requires employers to provide coverage for their workers.  The law says that this is to go into effect in a few months but as other sections of the law are not on schedule, companies are unable to comply.

So, the administration said, “Well, never mind for now.  We’ll just wait until next year.  We won’t enforce the penalties for now.”  We’ve all grown accustomed to this administration cherry-picking laws or parts of laws it likes to enforce, and ignoring those it doesn’t.  This is nothing new.

But a lot of people wanted to know if individuals (you and me) would get the same consideration as the business owners.  If we don’t have health insurance will our penalties be waived too?

“No, no, no,” said the administration.  “Your penalties will stay in place.  But here’s what we will do for you.  If you can’t afford insurance, just apply for a government subsidy.  We won’t check to see if you are truthful on your application.  We won’t check to see if you actually qualify.  We’ll just give you the money.  We trust you.  No one ever fibs to get a government handout, right?”

So why would they do this?  Fair question.

To get people on the gravy train.

It’s a sad fact that once entitlements are in place and people are dependent on them, they never go away.  It’s nearly impossible to even make adjustments to these programs.  See what happens to any politician who suggests changes to Medicare.

What is most important to supporters of Obamacare is to get people into the program as quickly and in as large numbers as they can.  They need to have people dependent on the program so it can never be repealed.

When it was passed, Obamacare looked like this.


At last count it had grown into this.


And they still haven’t finished writing the regulations.  Who the heck can even know all that’s in there?  And why would sane, thinking people even try to implement such a monster?

Go back to the starting point.  The objective is government-run healthcare.  All that talk about keeping your doctor and your insurance if you like them was nonsense.  The size and scope of the law was designed to destroy our private healthcare system by strangling it with regulations and making it unaffordable.  Eventually it will collapse.  And frightened people will run to the government for help – right into the open arms of bureaucrats just waiting to sign us all up for universal Medicaid.  We all end up at the mercy of our leaders to dish out our medical needs as they see fit.

The administration’s decision to ignore Obamacare’s mandate on business owners for another year is a political move, designed to ward off the mess until after the next election so low information voters won’t see it until it’s too late.  The vote last night of the Republicans in the House to give the same exception to individuals is the predictable, political counter-move.

But in the big picture, the implementation of Obamacare is moving along right on schedule.  There has never been any concern on the part of its supporters about any of this.  Whatever mess is made, purposefully or by chance, is part of the plan.  Our current healthcare system must be destroyed.  Those of us who fear government healthcare must be left with no place else to go.

And it’s all falling right into place.


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This is Armed Citizen from this month’s America’s 1st Freedom:

Sandra Mize, 63, was asleep when she heard someone break in through the back door of her home. She grabbed the .22-cal. handgun she keeps by her bedFemaleNRAChamp and ran into her dark living room. Mize could see the silhouette of a man in her kitchen and warned him that she was armed. The man approached her despite her warnings. Mize fired once. The intruder advanced to the living room where he collapsed on the sofa. Mize kept her gun aimed at the intruder and asked him if he had been hit, but received no response. Soon after, police arrived and the intruder made his getaway attempt. He leapt from the sofa and tried to flee through the back door, but was met by a police dog. Officers arrested the 35-year-old perpetrator, who was uninjured. He has reportedly been jailed on two counts of burglary. (The Spokesman Review, Spokane, WA, 4/4/13)

Two teenage boys were spotted by a neighbor as they loaded items from the cabin next door into a vehicle parked outside. The youths wore what appeared to be blood-spattered clothing. The neighbor retrieved a firearm and confronted the interlopers. They were held at gunpoint until police arrived. The teens had run away from a juvenile rehabilitation camp just two days before. They had broken into the cabin and brutally murdered the elderly couple staying there before the armed citizen was able to stop them. (The Kansas City Star, Springfield, MO, 4/24/13)

Passengers were picked up by a limousine driver and driven to a nightclub. Afterward, the party was taken to a convenience store. Two vehicles followed the limousine from the convenience store and pulled up on either side of the limo forcing the chauffeur to stop. There was an attempted robbery during which bullets riddled the limousine. Two passengers sustained non-life-threatening injuries. The chauffeur, who has a concealed carry permit, returned fire, fending off the attackers. (Limousine, Charter & Tour magazine, St. Petersburg, FL, 4/2/13)

Tattoo artist Sean Rodriguez was working one afternoon when he was alerted to an assault taking place outside Black Cobra Tattoo. Six men could be seen assaulting an individual in the parking lot. “I couldn’t just sit back and watch an innocent person being hurt, …” said Rodriguez. He grabbed the firearm he is licensed to carry and approached the group of men. Upon seeing the gun, the suspects fled. Rodriguez never fired a shot, nor did he point the gun in their direction. “That was just an incident [sic] of a responsible gun owner doing what they’re supposed to do,” Rodriguez explained. The victim was treated for minor injuries and nothing was stolen. It was last reported that all six suspects are still at large. (The Daily Times, Salisbury, MD, 3/21/13)

A man in his early 30’s entered Armen’s House of Music one afternoon, looked around and left. He returned just a few minutes later with a wooden club and began attacking the owner’s wife, Sylvia Armen, who was working in the store at the time. The owner, Alfred Armen, heard the commotion and ran to his wife’s aid. He tried to defend his wife and fought with the suspect before shooting him to death. Mr. and Mrs. Armen were later taken to a hospital with head injuries and are expected to recover. According to police, there was no motive behind the attack. (WTAE.com, Bethel Park, PA, 4/27/13)

Shaelynn Burton, 25, was asleep in her home when she heard someone banging on the front door at about 4 a.m. When Burton answered the door, a woman forced her way into the residence. The women got into a physical altercation and Burton was able to pin the woman against a wall. Burton told the woman that she had children in the home and that she needed to leave. The woman reportedly threatened the lives of Burton and her children, so Burton ran upstairs to grab her gun. She held the woman at gunpoint until police arrived. (Tribune Chronicle, Warren, OH, 4/17/13)

It was around 10:30 p.m. when Matt Fugate heard a commotion from inside his home. When Fugate ran to investigate, he found two men assaulting his brother, John Fugate. One of the suspects was reportedly brandishing what turned out to be a pellet gun. When Fugate saw his brother in danger, he did not hesitate to take action, “I raced for the gun vault and had my gun in my hand in five seconds, …” he explained. Fugate ordered the intruders not to move and to keep their hands up. While Fugate held the intruders at gunpoint, his brother was able to call police. There were no serious injuries reported. Matt Fugate later commented on the ordeal, “I was scared and angry … [but] I’m relieved that nothing bad came of it … that it ended the way it did, peacefully.” (TheBlaze.com, Evansville, IN, 4/27/13)


America’s 1st Freedom

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Last week we celebrated the anniversary of America’s Independence and the men who risked everything for liberty.

But there must be something in the air out in California.  Watch as these people are asked to sign a fictitious petition, supporting President Obama’s effort to abolish the Bill of Rights.

One after another, after another, after another signs the petition.  It scares me to the bone that these people may be registered to vote.

Only at the end does a veteran refuse to sign.  He is the only one who refuses to sign away his freedom.


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