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I just deleted what I planned to post here today.  It ran way too long and I feared you would not stay with me to the end.

But it boils down to this:  Two weeks ago, our elected leaders held a “shutdown” of our government.  It was a fraud, and if not for their willful efforts to make life miserable for us, most of us would not have even noticed it.

All the while these members of our elite political class from both parties made Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee out to be public enemies one and two.  They called them ugly names – terrorists, jihadists, Nazis, wife-beaters and racists.  Even The President of The United States participated.  Those of us who supported the efforts of Cruz and Lee were, by extension, included as targets of these slanderous charges.

All this ugliness was because these two men led a small group of members of Congress who kept their campaign promises and tried to stop Obamacare before it was too late.

Think about that for a minute.  They kept their promises to their constituents and see how they were treated for doing so.

And now we’re living the nightmare of what they tried to stop.  In Washington lingo, it’s a “glitch.”  In the real world, it’s promises broken, it’s ineptitude and arrogance.

President Obama stands in the Rose Garden, puts on his best angry face and proclaims, “No one is more frustrated than me.”  It’s as though he is an innocent bystander who had nothing to do with any of it.  He had no idea.  He was blind-sided.

The big headline at The Drudge Report this morning said 300,000 Dropped From Health Plans In Florida.  That’s 300,000 of my neighbors who believed Obama when he told them they were going to be able to keep their health insurance that just got the rug pulled out from under them.

And it’s happening all across the country.  Real people.  Real lives turned upside down at the whim of lying politicians and their social experiments.

Obamacare was supposed to be all about getting health insurance for a relatively small number of folks who couldn’t afford it.  But it is ensnaring all of us who don’t have connections to the elite class.

The stated goal was never the real goal.  If anyone in Washington truly wanted to fix the problem they would have addressed the root, which is the high cost of health CARE.  But they didn’t.  They addressed insurance instead.  And what they created is simply a complex plan to redistribute the cost, and drive that cost so high that we would be unable to afford it, our current system would collapse and we would clamor for someone to fix it.

Then the real plan would be put in motion – the plan to institute government administered healthcare for us all.

This is what so many of us warned and is the only explanation for what we’re witnessing.  In an honest society where truth is valued, Obama, Reid and Pelosi would be laughed out of office for such a failure.  Sebelius would be in prison.  But we abandoned the truth in favor of politics, so they are indifferent.  This is no big deal.  And that’s because they don’t care if any of this works.  It’s only temporary, a stepping stone on the way to their prize – universal healthcare.

They want to rule, not govern.  They want to regulate us at will.  And positioning themselves between us and our doctors gives them all the power they need to control everything we do.

Cruz and Lee have been marginalized by the complicit media and there is no one left to defend our freedom.  We are alone.  We will now live by the rules we have allowed them to institute.  We didn’t pay attention to what they were doing and their task is just about complete.

We turned out backs.  We were not vigilant about our liberty.  And while we watched American Idol and tweeted about Miley Cyrus, they stole it from us.  The machine they built has been set in motion.  I don’t know how we stop it now.



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Hundreds of veterans and their friends went to Washington this weekend.  Unlike the illegal aliens who were welcomed to the National Mall last week with open arms, the veterans were greeted by police in riot gear, armored vehicles and even helicopters to keep an eye on them.


Complaining that they didn’t want to be used by politicians as political chess pieces, the veterans removed the barriers around our memorials, specifically the WWII Memorial.

They carried the barricades up 17th Street and deposited them in front of the White House.


FOX News is reporting that the barricades are back up again this morning, re-erected by Park Service personnel that we’re told we cannot afford.

These people still need to be kept out of our nation’s capital.


I want to know who gave this order to put the barricades back up.

I want to know why the President of the United States, our Commander-in-Chief, doesn’t order a stop to this.

Don’t you?


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We have all been quite disgusted by the disrespect for our veterans going on in Washington.  The Obama administration has gone out of its way and spent additional tax dollars to block access to our memorial sites.

Our complaints have been swatted away by President Obama.  It’s just all part of the government shutdown.



VetsBarricade2And now, continuing to up the ante, he rubs more salt in the gaping wounds of Americans.

Today the National Mall will be open for illegal aliens.

The Park Service has given the go ahead for an amnesty rally.  Camino Americano will have their event today with the blessing of our president and his administration.

There’s such a disconnect in all this.  American citizens and war veterans have been barricaded out of our monuments in our nation’s capitol and all across the country because of an argument over Obamacare.  President Obama and the Democrats in Washington say that they won’t negotiate with Republican lawmakers because Obamacare is “the law of the land.”

But we have millions of illegals aliens in America because the same politicians have ignored our immigration laws which are also “the law of the land.”

And now those illegals demand their “rights.”  We’re told they are relegated to “living in the shadows” yet they boldly march in our capitol, demanding we give them citizenship.  And walking right beside them will be Nancy Pelosi and dozens of other Democrat lawmakers.

But our veterans?


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I’m overwhelmed by the news again this morning, trying to catch up after the weekend and decide what’s most important to present here.  How much can I fit in a 700 – 800 word essay?  Should it be the Hell on Earth in Syria or do I assume you’ve been following along?

Should I write about how people at the NSA are spying on their love interests and former spouses  under the cover of national security, and that it’s been going on for years and those in charge know about it?

Maybe you would find it more egregious that the NSA is spying on our “allies” at the UN.

Perhaps you would be shocked to know that your elected representatives don’t know what’s going on there.

Have you heard about the latest murder of an elderly citizen by another thug with no humanity?

What about the training manual from the Dept. of Defense that teaches our soldiers that those who endorse individual liberties and state’s rights are extremists and likely members of hate groups?

Did you know that the Obama Administration added more people to the list of illegals that Border Patrol is instructed not to arrest and deport?

Maybe you don’t care about any of this and would rather know what happened at the MTV Awards.  Well, it seems that whatever was left of civilized society and the innocence of our children circled the bowl with Miley Cyrus’ performance.  You can look for the video if you want to watch it.  I won’t post it here.  I clicked it off halfway through.  Instead here’s the picture circulating of Will Smith and his family watching that performance.

WillSmithAnd I’ve only hit the high points.

As I said, I’m overwhelmed by the news.  There’s just so much out there.

And I can’t find anything good.


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A couple of months ago I had the TV on and tuned to the 5 o’clock news on ABC.  When they went to commercial, they ran a promo for one of their new shows called Mistresses.

Based on the commercial, this must be one steamy show.  It seemed like there was a lot of extra-marital sex going on and the camera left little to one’s imagination.  As a matter of fact, based on that commercial, and the name of the show, I would guess that this is what the show is all about – sex.  One clip even showed lesbian sex in the shower.

Now, it’s entirely up to me to choose what programs I will or won’t tune into.  But I don’t have a choice about what the networks put in their commercials or when they air those commercials.  And in the 5 o’clock hour I would imagine there were a lot of youngsters who saw what I saw.

I sent a quick email to my local ABC affiliate that read in part, “Please, tell me, is it even possible to have the TV on anymore with young children in the house without having to have “the talk” with a five-year old?”

The station’s general manager responded, “Thanks for the feedback about the Mistresses promo spot.  Very helpful information.   Thanks.”


Since then, I’ve seen several similar promos, some for different shows.  This seems to be the new normal for those in charge of programming.  I have set the issue aside as it seems to be out of my hands.

But I was pleasantly surprised this morning to learn that I’m not alone.  Another Mom, Rebeca Seitz, blogged about her similar experience and it’s getting a lot of notice.  She snapped a picture of her TV showing the promo for another show called Betrayal  that ran on Good Morning America (while her 8-year-old was watching) and posted it to Facebook.

Facebook took the picture down.  They notified her that it was “inappropriate due to nudity.”

So she put it up on her blog under the name “Morning Sex?”  She says she won’t accept this sort of thing anymore without at least putting up a fight.

As I said, Rebeca’s blog post is getting a lot of attention and that makes me happy to know that at least I’m not alone.  Like Rebeca, I believe it’s possible to provide quality entertainment without lowering long-held standards of decency.  ABC is owned by Disney.  They ought to know better.  They ought to allow parents to decide when, where, how and most importantly what their children will be taught about sex.

Or perhaps they just want all parents to unplug the TV?


Rebeca’s blog post with pic Facebook took down here.

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On Monday, NBA player Jason Collins announced to the world that he was gay.  On ESPN, NBA reporter Chris Broussard was asked to offer his opinion of Collins and his announcement.  Here’s what Broussard said:

Uh oh.

Hadn’t Broussard gotten the memo?  Everyone in the media had been referring to Collins as being brave.  And here comes Broussard calling him a sinner.

Broussard took a lot of heat.  But ESPN stood by him.  At least, that’s what the Washington Post reported.  Their headline read

“ESPN supports Broussard after controversial Jason Collins comments.” 

But that headline seems misleading.  Here’s the statement that ESPN put out.

“We regret that a respectful discussion of personal viewpoints became a distraction from today’s news. ESPN is fully committed to diversity and welcomes Jason Collins’ announcement.”

I’m not so sure this statement sounds supportive, unless you consider anything short of firing Broussard to be a show of support.

And why call this a “distraction from today’s news?”  Broussard was asked to give his personal opinion, wasn’t he?  And if there is a “distraction from today’s news” wouldn’t it be Collins’ announcement?  I googled “Jason Collins gay” and got 828,000,000 results in 0.16 seconds.  I’m not sure how Broussard’s remarks qualify as a “distraction.”

But none of this is what is really important here.  What you need to take away from all this is in that headline from the Washington Post that described Broussard’s comments as “controversial.”

Collins announcing his personal sexual preference is “brave” and the media is “fully committed to diversity.”

But Broussard’s comments about his personal religious beliefs?


It doesn’t matter here what you think about homosexuality or Christianity.  What matters is that you understand that the media – and keep in mind that the media works for the progressives – wants you to know that if you want to be normal, then you will support “diversity” and Jason Collins’ “bravery.”

If you have a different moral compass and you follow what your religion teaches you, or what your parents taught you, you will be singled out.

Diversity in modern America doesn’t mean what you have always known it to mean.  If it did, Broussard’s opinion would be thrown into the mix with all the others.  But the modern definition of diversity is anything outside of traditional values.

Likewise, standing up for your principles is only “brave” if those principles fall outside of traditional values.

This is all part of our culture shift, carefully planned and executed by progressives.  In order to install their own value system, they must first tear down the one in place.  If you choose to stand up for your traditional values, there will be a price to pay.

But be certain, the price of not standing up will be far dearer.


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Today Margaret Thatcher is laid to rest.Thatcher1

Our president couldn’t make the time to attend the funeral of this great leader.

Neither could our vice president.


Not a single member of the Obama administration was sent to represent The United States of America.

Thatcher2Rest in peace, Mrs. Thatcher.

Job well done.


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