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My daughter and son-in-law have been going to the airport to greet returning Honor Flights.  Hundreds of Americans show up for these events.



They bring my granddaughter, and although she’s only 2 years old, and doesn’t really know what she’s participating in, I like that they are teaching her how to respect these veterans.  There’s a certain circle-of-life thing to it.



Honor Flight is the group that arranges to get veterans, mostly from WWII, to Washington, DC, to see the war memorials.  Through donations, they fly the veterans from their home states to DC for the day.  Most of these heroes would otherwise never get to make the trip.  This is just one of those really good things that Americans do for each other.

It has been hard to watch what’s happened in the past couple of days, as these memorials have been fenced off, blocking access to the veterans, telling them they are not welcome.

HonorFlight7I’m sure you’ve already made up your mind about who is to blame for this national disgrace, but we need to be clear that The President of The United States has discretion in this matter.  Just last week, the White House “found” $100 million of “untapped” funds to bailout Detroit, whose liberal policies have run that city into the ground.  But somehow we can’t afford to permit aging veterans into our national memorials dedicated to them and their service to America and the world.

The WWII memorial, and others that have been blocked, are open areas.  They have no fences (until two days ago) or gates or walls or doors.  There is no fee charged to enter.  The Park Police monitor these places, but there is no big law enforcement presence.  The Lincoln Memorial was defaced a couple of months ago with no police officer anywhere around.  Sen. Rand Paul jokingly tweeted that the Obama administration sent more agents to defend the memorial from veterans in wheelchairs than they sent to protect our ambassador in Benghazi.

The truth is that it cost more to erect the barricades and patrol them than we ever spend on security.  There is absolutely no good reason that any of this is happening.

Again, President Obama has discretion here, and all fingers point to him.  (We’ll find out for sure at some point in the future – the FOIA requests have already been filed.)  Recalling that our school children are still banned from entering the White House, the People’s House, and now watching the despicable spectacle of 90-year-old veterans in wheelchairs being banned from their national monument, a pattern becomes visible.

For sure, this is not a random, unintended consequence.  It is purposeful.  And it has been done to make a point – a point I reject.  I suspect you and most other Americans reject it also.

I’m finding it difficult to come up with the right words to describe my thoughts and feelings about this.  Disrespectful, disgraceful, dishonest?  Petulant, vengeful, arrogant?  How about un-American?  How about narcissistic?

We live in a democratic republic, not a monarchy.  President Obama is an elected man, not a king.

He tells us he cares about ordinary Americans.

But all I hear is, “Let them eat cake.”


Update:  The cemetery and memorial in Normandy has now been shut down.  The Obama administration has seen the outrage of Americans over their actions in DC, but instead of making the proper adjustment, they raise the ante.

Update II:  The feds are now trying to shut down Mount Vernon, Washington’s home.  The problem is, they don’t own it. 


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Almost 11 months after the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, we still don’t know what happened there.  After the original cover-up that accused a You Tube video maker (who remains in jail and is the only person who has paid any price) the Obama administration has stonewalled at every turn to prevent the American public from learning the truth.

Some members of Congress continue to try to get at that truth, but it seems that no effort is spared by the administration to stand in their way.  Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) has continued to investigate, in spite of all the roadblocks.  He appeared with Greta Van Susteren last night.  This is a portion of what he had to say.

We know that Gowdy and other members of Congress conducting the investigation have been prevented from interviewing the many survivors of the attack that night.  Their names have been withheld by the administration.  We have learned that those survivors have been threatened should they come forward.

Now Gowdy says they are being reassigned all over and their names are being changed.

Think about that.  Our government is going to such a length to prevent us from hearing the truth.  What are they hiding?

And what of our media?  Where are they?  Why are they not screaming from the rooftops for answers?

I guess they believe that all this is phony.

Or maybe they just think “what difference does it make?”


Update:  And a bit of an apology.  CNN has done some good reporting here and it should be recognized.

From Jake Tapper

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Francois Murad is a Catholic priest who was murdered in Syria last week.  With his hands tied behind his back, he was beheaded with what’s beingFrancoisMurad described as a kitchen knife.  A mob of men and boys chanted “Allahua Akbar” as Father Murad and two other men were brutally decapitated.

Many in the crowd had smartphones and used this modern technology to record the archaic,barbaric acts.  The pictures and videos are easily found online.  I won’t post any of it here.  That’ll be your own choice to view or not.

The murderers, the barbarians, are part of the group that Western news agencies and the Obama administration are referring to as “Syrian rebels.”  These are the people we are planning to support with cash, weapons and military training.

The Obama administration is also considering bringing Syrian refugees here to America.  Taking into account the current state of our immigration policy, and our government’s inability to determine friend from foe, that sends a chill down my spine.  Jihad – coming soon to a town near you!

Here’s what it looks like in Egypt right now.


The Obama administration, with plenty of support from the old, establishment republicans, was firmly behind the Arab Spring.  Their cheerleading and support helped oust a dictator in Egypt and install a Jihadist in his place.  And the people of Egypt are out in the streets again, in bigger numbers than ever.  And Egypt is just the latest and loudest of the unrest spreading across the entire region.

Does any of this deter our leaders from continuing their meddling into the affairs of other nations that they clearly do not fully understand?

Many of the “Syrian rebels” are Al Qaida members who fought against American soldiers in Iraq.  And while we’re arming them, supporting them as they decapitate Catholic priests in the name of Allah, the Russians are arming the Syrian government.

My God, what are we doing?


Full story on Father Murad at The Blaze

Update 7/4/13:  It is now being reported that Father Murad is NOT one of the men decapitated last week.  We are now being told that Murad was shot (eight times) and that news reports from the chaotic region became confused.

Updated story at CNS

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Jon Hammar is 27 years old, and is a retired Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He is currently being held in a Mexican prison.JonHamar

Hammar and his friend were headed for Costa Rica on vacation, driving a camper.  They were carrying a small rifle that Jon’s grandfather had given him.  The gun is an antique.  It’s a .410 shotgun which is used to shoot small game like squirrels and rabbits.  The gun was disassembled for travel.

As they crossed into Mexico, U.S. Customs gave Hammar a form to fill out regarding the transport of the rifle and told him to declare it on the Mexican side of the border, which he did.

He was promptly arrested.

News stories have conflicting information, but according to his mom, Olivia Hammar, Jon has been held since August 15.  She received a ransom request early on.  It seems one of the drug cartels has some control over this prison.  She has had sporadic contact with him when guards can be bribed to allow him to use their cell phone.  He says he has been chained to his bed.

He faces a sentence of up to 12 years if the bogus charge stands.  The Hammars live in South Florida and Jon’s Congresswoman, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Florida Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson have been trying to do what they can.

But Mrs. Hammar says she has had no contact with the State Department and if they are doing anything at all to help her son, she is unaware of it.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon liked to chastise President Bush and loves to cozy up to President Obama.  He applauds, even demands “just” treatment of Mexicans who come illegally to America.  We give these people jobs, homes and public assistance.  We provide free health care and twist our Constitution in order to give their children citizenship.


But Marine veteran Jon Hammar is chained to his bed in a dangerous Mexican prison.

Where is our president?  Why hasn’t he picked up the phone, called Calderon and demanded Hammar be sent home immediately – by luxury private jet with cocktails, steak and a back rub?

Where is our U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, the very vocal Susan Rice?  Why isn’t she on all the Sunday talk shows denouncing Mexico’s treatment of our brave Marine, demanding his “just” treatment and  immediate release?

Where is our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton?  Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta?  Department of Veterans Affairs?

Where is everybody?

One thing is for sure – if Hammar had been accused of some misbehavior while on active duty, you can bet the farm that all these people and dozens of members of Congress would be rushing to the microphones to tell the world how they deplore bad behavior and hold our military personnel to a high standard.

Too bad they can’t reach that bar themselves when an honorable Marine needs the support of his country’s leaders.

They make me sick to my stomach.


Liberty Trail Update:  In my haste and anger, I forgot that Mexico has changed leaders.  As of last week, Obama will now have to call their new president, Enrique Pena Nieto, to demand Hammar be released.  Too bad he didn’t address this months ago.


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A TSA agent exposed the breasts of a 17-year-old girl at LAX during a security pat-down.  She happens to be the grandniece of a member of Congress, so maybe, just maybe, someone in Washington will try to get some control over this out-of-control bunch.

This is sexual assault on a minor.  There is no excuse and no apology can fix this.

How much more are you willing to tolerate?  Would you be good with all this if this happened to your wife?  Your daughter?  Your sister?  Your grandchild?

Twitchy is following the events.

Liberty Trail Update:

This assault happened two years ago in Georgia.  Apparently TSA has only released info now under Freedom Of Information Act.

The agent was given more “training” and apparently is still on the job.

From The Daily Mail


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For anyone who’s interested in some fact-checking from last night’s debate, here’s a clip from a moment of contention about the auto bailout.

OK, let’s look it up.  Mitt Romney wrote an op-ed for the NY Times on the auto bailout.  It ran on November 18, 2008.  He wrote:

“The American auto industry is vital to our national interest as an employer and as a hub for manufacturing. A managed bankruptcy may be the only path to the fundamental restructuring the industry needs. It would permit the companies to shed excess labor, pension and real estate costs. The federal government should provide guarantees for post-bankruptcy financing and assure car buyers that their warranties are not at risk.

In a managed bankruptcy, the federal government would propel newly competitive and viable automakers, rather than seal their fate with a bailout check.”

Obama’s claim that Romney tried to “airbrush history” is simply not true and exactly the opposite of what Romney wrote.  One has to wonder how he got it so wrong.

Romney’s full op-ed here.


Liberty Trail Update:  Apparently President Obama hasn’t looked it up yet.  This morning at a campaign rally just north of Boca, he went after Romney again on the same subject.  “If you say you love American cars in the debate, but you wrote an article called ‘Let Detroit Go Bankrupt,’ you might have Romnesia,” he said.

Show of hands – who thinks Obama just hasn’t had a chance to check his info and who thinks he’s willfully lying to his audience?


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Something else has come up regarding the video the Daily Caller obtained of President Obama’s speech back in 2007.  Recall that he accused the federal government of withholding emergency funds from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina because, according to him, the government is racist.

“Down in New Orleans, where they still have not rebuilt 20 months later, there’s a law, federal law — when you get reconstruction money from the federal government — called the Stafford Act. And basically it says, when you get federal money, you’ve got to give a 10 percent match. The local government’s got to come up with 10 percent. Every 10 dollars the federal government comes up with, local government’s got to give a dollar.

“Now here’s the thing, when 9/11 happened in New York City, they waived the Stafford Act — said, ‘This is too serious a problem. We can’t expect New York City to rebuild on its own. Forget that dollar you got to put in. Well, here’s 10 dollars.’ And that was the right thing to do. When Hurricane Andrew struck in Florida, people said, ‘Look at this devastation. We don’t expect you to come up with y’own money, here. Here’s the money to rebuild. We’re not going to wait for you to scratch it together — because you’re part of the American family.’ … What’s happening down in New Orleans? Where’s your dollar? Where’s your Stafford Act money? Makes no sense. Tells me the bullet hasn’t been taken out.  Tells me that somehow, the people down in New Orleans they don’t care about as much.”

Well, here’s the thing.  Congress had already sent quite a substantial amount of money to New Orleans.  (Hurricane Katrina struck in August of 2005.)  But that’s not the worst of it.  This speech was given on June 5, 2007.  On May 24, 2007, less than two weeks earlier, Congress voted to waive the Stafford rule in order to send more money to New Orleans.  Only 14 senators voted against the bill.

One of those 14 was Senator Barack Obama (D-IL.)

Roll Call for H.R. 2206


Liberty Trail Update:  While then Senator Obama voted against this bill, he voted in favor of a previous bill that contained the Stafford waiver.  His issue with H.R. 2206 was that it did not contain a timeline for removal of troops from Iraq as did the bill he supported.

However, certain facts remain unchallenged – The amount the federal government has spent to rebuild New Orleans is more than double what it spent on 9/11 and Andrew relief combined.  And Obama knew about the Stafford waiver when he made this speech.

The 5 Pinocchios rating stands.


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