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Show of hands, please – as we began the quest to find the next President of The United States, how many of you thought that would include a discussion of Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle?  And yet that’s where we find ourselves in the continuing saga of The Trump War on Political Correctness.

In the exchange of accusations following Thursday night’s debate, Trump said that he thought Kelly was very angry at the debate, that she had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her whatever.”

And that “whatever” is what everyone is currently up in arms about.

The republican establishment, that desperately wants Trump to go back to whatever he was doing three months ago, says he was making a stab at Kelly, that it was her “time of the month” and so she was a little irrational.  Trump says he meant that blood was coming from her nose and that only a deviant would think what he was being accused of.

Eric Erickson of RedState officially uninvited Trump from their big gathering in Atlanta this weekend, saying Trump’s remark was disrespectful of all female journalists and that he didn’t want his daughter in the same room with Trump.  Jeb Bush again demanded Trump apologize, as so many others have.

Now, if Trump had meant what his accusers are saying, he wouldn’t deny it.  That would be out of character.  No, he would admit it.  And then he would most likely double down.  Isn’t that what he’s been doing and what’s driving them crazy?

It doesn’t really matter, because this isn’t about who’s right or wrong here.  It’s about that apology Bush is demanding from Trump.  It’s about the party leaders banishing him from their pow-wow.  It’s about them being in a battle with someone they can’t control, can’t pay off and can’t shut up.  It’s about political correctness and what to do with someone who colors outside of the lines.

And so the Republican Party leaders, the guys who make the deals in those smoke filled back rooms, who lie to us over and over, are left to behave like petulant children, stomping their feet, demanding that Trump stop and telling him he’s not welcome at their parties.  They want to get on with their listening tours, you know, when they travel the country, shaking hands, kissing babies and finding out what the people think.  They want to tell us all the really great stuff they’re going to do if only we’ll give them our votes.

And there’s Donald Trump,the republican candidate who is beating all the others in the pack by double digits, who is persona non grata with the big wheels of the Republican Party, pulling back the curtain to expose them.

He’s not going to stop, at least not while they keep demanding he grovel and beg their forgiveness.  Because Trump knows  that Americans who have had to bear political correctness for years, who have been beaten down by it, made to pay for it, chastised for speaking against it, and live in fear of violating it, have finally found someone who unabashedly defies it – every single chance he gets.  They have found someone who they believe will actually build that wall on the southern border.  None of them care about Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle, they don’t believe for a minute that she needs a man to defend her, they don’t care that Jeb Bush and the rest of the gang are upset because their campaigns aren’t going according to plan.

They only see someone willing to publicly validate all the lies they’ve been told over the years and to speak in plain language about it to all comers, no matter who is offended or exposed.

And they’ll keep supporting him as long as he keeps it up.

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Donald Trump’s stump speech can be scribbled on one side of a cocktail Napkin.

“China and Japan are ripping us off.  We need a wall.  Politicians are stupid.  And I’m rich.”

That’s pretty much it.  It’s certainly not a traditional campaign.  So why is he suddenly so popular?

A record 24 million Americans tuned in to the Republican primary debate Thursday night and we all know that’s because of Donald Trump.  Have all these voters suddenly decided he’s their guy?  Do they envision him living in the White House, receiving foreign dignitaries, signing treaties and delivering the State of The Union Address?

No, neither do I.

As absurd as it may sound, this multi-billionaire who seemingly has little in common with middle class Americans has become their mouthpiece, their megaphone, their one-man army out to do battle with the corruption that is Washington, DC.  We can tap out angry emails to the politicians, call their offices and complain, and yell at our TV screens, but it’s all meaningless.  They continue to ignore us, lie to us, steal our money and mortgage our grandchildren’s future.

But they cannot ignore Donald Trump.  Not when he’s center stage at their big shindig, stealing their limelight and telling them on national TV all the things we want them to know about just what we think of them.

The politicians and their accomplices – their donors, advisors, flunkies and members of the media – are not happy and make little effort to hide that.  But they have no one to blame but themselves.  Like parents who indulge their child’s every whim and then complain that they have a brat on their hands, Trump’s popularity is a demon of their own creation.  They are responsible for Trump’s success.

And every time they attack Trump, call him a buffoon or question his intellect or ability, they are actually slinging those attacks at middle class Americans.  Because, at least for now, we are Trump.  And when he tells those politicians that they are the stupid ones and that they are corrupt and that they can’t get anything done, he’s speaking for every single frustrated, angry American who just wants to be heard.

That’s why Trump’s poll numbers go up every time they attack him.  When people vote for Trump, they’re actually voting for themselves.  They have found a way, absurd as it may be, to upset the status quo.

And it feels good, doesn’t it?

I don’t know how this is going to play out.  I do know that politicians won’t learn from it.  Fixing what ails America won’t come from them, at least not the ones we have now.  It’s simply not in their DNA.  I hope voters will learn from it.  I hope they see that they don’t have to accept mediocrity and corruption from our elected leaders and that they can and should speak up whenever they get the chance.  I hope they figure out that fixing America will come from the people.  Washington is simply not up to the task, nor do they have any interest in the endeavor.

For now though, I’m just going to enjoy all this.  The political class can’t control Trump.  He doesn’t need their money.  They can’t buy him and they don’t know how to shut him up.  And although they pretend otherwise, they know he’s speaking for us.

And that scares them most of all.

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