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Back in February Liberty Trail awarded the very first Liberty Trail Sheila Jackson Lee Political Profundity Award.  It’s time to honor another winner – Rep. Hanktrophy Johnson (D-GA.)

Had the LTSJLPPA been around back in March of 2010, Congressman Johnson would already be a winner for this exchange with Admiral Robert Willard, Commander US Pacific Command at a meeting of the House Armed Services Committee.

Today, Liberty Trail is proud to honor the congressman officially with the award for his remarks on the floor of the House in support of a helium bill.

Congratulations Congressman Johnson!


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Liberty Trail’s SJLPPA Trophy

Something new today – Liberty Trail’s Sheila Jackson Lee Political Profundity Award (SJLPPA.)

Every once in a while one of our elected leaders utter something so absurd, so inane, so vacuous that we wonder how they have achieved their positions of power. 

The granddaddy of these, of course, is Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s question to NASA scientists who were showing her what the Mars rover was capable of.  She asked if the rover would be sending back pictures of the American flag that the astronauts had planted.

In my humble opinion this is the sort of thing that should not go unmentioned.  Brilliance like this should be showcased.  And so, Liberty Trail will honor the congresswoman with each award given in her name.


Today we award the first two recipients!


The first goes to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for her response to a question about the Obama administration’s out of control spending:

“…it is almost a false argument to say that we have a spending problem.  We have a budget deficit problem.”


Our second award goes to House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer who seemed as though he didn’t want to be outdone.  Asked about the same issue, Hoyer said:

“Does the country have a spending problem?  The country has a paying for problem.”

Congratulations to both of our winners!

Please feel free to submit your own nominees for the SJLPPA.  All will be considered.  But remember Jackson Lee set that bar pretty high.


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