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A Massachusetts kindergartener has been punished for “traumatizing” other students on his bus by brandishing a gun.  Another student spotted the weapon and quickly notified the bus driver.

The 6 year-old was given detention (which was later reversed) and made to write a letter of apology to the bus driver.  His bus riding privileges are in jeopardy.

Here’s a photo of the gun that caused the panic:

TinyToyGunThis is just the latest in the long and growing list of hysteria over children with guns made of pop tarts and paper.  And we can laugh at it or we can be honest about what’s going on.

Our children are being traumatized purposefully by adults who are driven by personal ideology and are laying the groundwork for abolishing our 2nd Amendment from the ground up.  These anti-gun progressives may not be able to win their battle now, but by the time this generation reaches voting age, they’ll all be breathing into paper bags at the mere mention of the word “gun.”

So we can dismiss this as silly and isolated.  Or we can look at the growing number of similar stories and demand that the people who run our schools stop using, abusing and brainwashing our children for their own personal, political agendas.


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The Newtown families are in Washington this week and have been in the news and on TV.  It’s hard to look at them.  The murders of their babies were senseless and horrific.  We all feel deep compassion for them.  As a society we agree we should strive to prevent such a thing from happening again.

I doubt you can find anyone who disagrees up to this point.  But it is at this point that we diverge.  There are differing opinions about what we can and should do.  And sadly, this is where the politics come into play.  These people are being used and their grief exploited.

President Obama brought them to Washington aboard Air Force One.  They have spent the week visiting members of Congress in private and public SandyHookAF1meetings, and of course, talking with reporters.  The family members are supporting gun control measures that Congress is considering and they are in town to encourage them to vote in favor of these measures.  President Obama will hand over his weekly address to one of the parents to make her case to the nation.

Politico describes the families as lobbyists.  I’m not sure I would go that far, but they certainly have had amazing access to lawmakers that most people never get.  And they have hired actual lobbyists who have accompanied them to Washington and “opened doors” for them.  They have organized a non-profit group called Sandy Hook Promise and applied for 501(c)(3) status.  Their website includes an open letter to Congress listing their demands.

I am not so much bothered that these folks are getting so much access and attention.  I wish more average people could get this level of attention from our president and our lawmakers.  But what about other victims who don’t get the same treatment?

The people who lived through Hurricane Sandy got a visit from President Obama.  He hugged some of them, made a lot of promises and went home.  He didn’t take any of them to Washington with him on Air Force One.  They didn’t get to meet senators and congressmen.

Have you seen pictures lately from those damaged areas?  A lot of it still looks like a war zone.  The president’s promise of cutting through the red tape and getting the job done hasn’t happened.  The thing is, after the photo-ops there isn’t anything these people can give him.  And they have pretty much been forgotten.

What about the victims and family members of the Fort Hood shooting?  No rides on Air Force One for them either.  Heck, they can’t even get our government to admit the killer was an Islamic terrorist.  That, sadly, is precisely the problem.  Having a jihadist on a US military base where all soldiers have been disarmed doesn’t play well for a president who claims Al Qaeda is on the run.

And what of the families whose loved ones were killed in Benghazi?  The administration continues to do all it can to prevent the truth of what happened there to reach the public.  There were no rides on Air Force One, no visits to congress, no radio addresses.  Our Secretary of State chastised us for asking questions.

“What difference does it make now?”

Can you imagine Hillary Clinton or a member of Congress, or anyone for that matter, standing up in front of the Sandy Hook families and asking, “What difference does it make now?”  Of course you can’t.

So what’s different about the Sandy Hook families?

President Obama’s trusted advisor explains:

Carpe diem.

More gun control laws and eventual confiscation is on the wish list of the progressives.  And what better way to make your case than with the mutilated, dead bodies of little children?  But every politician involved and every member of the media who feeds this is despicable.  Because it’s not about those dead bodies.  It’s about the politics.

If it were about mutilated, dead bodies of children, you would all know the name Kermit Gosnell.  But how many of you do? 

Gosnell is on trial in Philadelphia for murder in his abortion clinic which is being described as a house of horrors.  It is the most horrific story I’ve seen in a long time.  You can read about it here if you want to.  I won’t type it out.  I’ve seen enough.

But the politicians have ignored it.  The media has ignored it.  This is the section of the courtroom reserved for the press during the trial.:

GosnellTrialHo hum.

Why no interest in those little dead bodies?  Why no advocate groups on TV?  Why no politicians writing legislation?  Why no trip on Air Force One?

Because the animal on trial is an abortionist.  And abortion is an all-important issue for progressives.  A story like this one could give it a bad name.  Can’t have that.

But little dead bodies are fair game to push gun control.  They are the “right” little dead bodies.  It’s a nauseating game where the value of a human life is graded by political ideology.  And with the proper guidance, connections, access and exposure, the grieving parents of Sandy Hook can make a progressive politician’s dreams come true.

Think I’m wrong?

Attend one of their events and try asking one of them, “What difference does it make now?”

See what hell rains down on you.


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Members of Congress are working furiously on “comprehensive immigration reform.”  Some are suggesting that the bill will exceed 1,000 pages.  Even so, they plan to work quickly, giving little time for the full House and Senate and the American people  to review just what’s in the bill.

That sounds a lot like what Nancy Pelosi told us about the Obamacare bill.

We all now know how bad that turned out.

But as always, the big concern seems to be how to “bring these people out of the shadows.”

One of the major items to be considered in any immigration bill is security at the border.  Members of the administration have been assuring us that the border is now more secure than ever.  And watch for members of Congress who support all this to tell you the same.

But, Rep. Jason Chaffetz visited a section of our southern border last week.  Here’s what he found:

That’s what passes for “more secure than ever” in Washington these days.

We need to pay close attention to what is in the bill they ultimately offer.  They will promise border security, but we’ve heard that before.  They never deliver on that promise.  I don’t think it’s in their DNA.  Maybe they’re allergic to it.

Whatever it is, if we don’t demand they change their ways and do their job, we will give citizenship to 20 million illegal aliens under a false promise that this is going to be the last time.


We promise.

And ten years from now we’ll all be talking about how many illegal aliens we have in the country, how to secure our border and how to bring these people out of the shadows.


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This is Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC.

“…we’ve always had a private notion of children, your kid is yours and totally your responsibility. We haven’t had a very collective notion of these are our children….we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.”

So then Mom and Dad are just breeding pairs?

More culture shift folks.

Harris-Perry is no casual observer.  She teaches political science at Tulane and has taught at Princeton and University of Chicago.  She is a far left progressive who is fully invested in the movement.  What she said was not off-the-cuff or a misstep in a heated exchange.  This was scripted, rehearsed, edited and reviewed before airing.

They want your kids.  The earlier they get them, the easier it will be to mold them into thier idea of what a citizen should be.  And what better way than to convince you that handing them over willingly is the right thing to do?  Remember, this is all about making this seem normal.

A lot of people are sounding the alarm about two new school curriculums from the government – CSCOPE and Common Core.  I’m sorry to tell you that I haven’t had a lot of time to look into them yet, but what I have seen is pretty spooky stuff.  And because they come with federal tax dollars attached, a lot of states are willingly adopting these curriculums.

All I can say for now is that if you have children or grandchildren is school, be aware of what they are being taught.  Look at their homework and check out their textbooks.  Make sure they’re not stealing your kids right out from under you.

Don’t be deceived by normalization.  You know right from wrong.  Don’t be afraid to pass that on to your children and never be afraid to speak up.


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Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said, “The central conservative truth is that it is culture, not politics, that determines the success of a society.”

And I would add that culture also determines the demise of a society.

So if a group wants to control a society, they need to control the culture.  And how is that done?  Do you go around telling people what to think, demanding they agree with you?  Of course not.  It has to be far more subtle than that.  You have to persuade people to believe that your view is normal.  And you do that by controlling the information that’s being disseminated to that society.

Right now, progressives are in control of virtually all our communication – television, movies, music and education.  They have competition from talk radio and on the internet but average voters don’t go to these for their news.  They get their information from the sources controlled by progressives.

Liberal, progressive, socialist and even occasionally communist ideals are supported in our entertainment.  Prime time TV is filled with single mothers and gay and lesbian characters.  Sex outside of marriage is routine.  Abortion is treated as a tough but “right” decision.  And environmental issues are sprinkled throughout.  Conservative characters are included, but they are rigid and ignorant.  They own guns, attend church and are usually older, white males.  Devoted fathers take the biggest hit.  Traditional values are ridiculed.

Movies have more leeway to expand all these and music goes even farther, glorifying cop-killers.

At school, our children learn early that Heather Has Two Mommies.  They are taught right from the start all about global warming and how evil, rich people are destroying our planet.  The United Nations is glorified while our own country’s flaws are put under a spotlight.  History is altered.  No mention of God is tolerated.

Now, I’ve thrown out a lot of issues here and you will have varying opinions on some or all of them.  But that’s not the point.  The point is normalization.  You might disagree with some of these things.  You may have been taught differently at home.  But week after week, year after year, all this is presented as normal.  If you disagree, the problem lies with you.  The rest of the world thinks otherwise.

And once that is achieved, all that’s left is to assign blame.  And that’s easy.  No matter what your politics are, everyone knows the majority of our news media supports the progressives.  That’s indisputable fact now.  So anyone getting their news from the major networks or all but one of the cable news stations knows they are getting “news” that’s skewed to favor the left.

Subject matter is presented by these sources in strict terms – right or left, black or white, up or down.  If you don’t believe in the theory of man-made global warming, you WANT dirty air and water.  If you think Medicare needs to be reformed, you WANT old people to die.  If you oppose gay marriage, you’re a homophobic bigot.  If you oppose restrictions to the 2nd Amendment, you don’t care about children being killed at school.  Pick your topic, it’s always the same.

And this is where the politics come in to play.  Americans are divided into two simple groups – democrats and republicans.  In this game, democrats are compassionate and care about others while republicans are mean-spirited and selfish.

What gets left out of all this is truth.  This is theater and there is no basis in reality.  It’s only about convincing people to think in the way that those in charge want them to think.

As the leader of today’s progressives, President Obama is highly skilled at navigating all this.  He avoids traditional press conferences and the questions coming from White House reporters.  Instead, he gives interviews to sources like Entertainment Tonight, The View, People Magazine and ESPN.  He gets softball questions in these settings about superheroes and his favorite foods.  He may get a couple of questions about serious issues, but his comments are never challenged.  The viewer simply sees a nice guy who seems to care about them.  Results of his policies are never examined.

But what’s most important here is that this is where our low information voters get their news.  This is what makes them low information voters.  It’s not a matter of intelligence, but what they are exposed to on a regular basis.  Information is reduced to sound bites on Twitter or editorializing on Comedy Central.

Progressives have mastered this form of communication. This is why they have done so well in the last couple of elections.  Conservatives have barely realized how they have been out-maneuvered and are trying to figure out how to catch up.  Until they do, progressives control our culture by normalizing their politics, and thus are in control of our society.

American exceptionalism, the kind that put American astronauts on the Moon, is being replaced with mediocrity.  Belief in a God of our choosing is being replaced with allegiance to the state.  Self-reliance and personal responsibility are being replaced with dependence on that state.

The rights and liberties that my parents’ generation held so dear are threatened as Americans willingly give them away in exchange for a false promise of security or a government check.

I have faith in the people of America.  I know they will awaken to what’s happening and reset our course.  My concern is how much longer that awakening will take to come about and how much more damage is done in the meantime.

There is a point of no return.  And the clock is ticking.


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If you’re still following this series and have stuck with my meandering stroll down memory lane, I thank you.  There is a point.  My generation has been carefully groomed by progressives.  Not all of us fell into line, but enough of us did to make substantial changes to our society.  And now that many of their policies have been in place for a while, let’s examine the results.

We may as well start with those hippies and the free love.  Prior to 1960, out-of-wedlock birth rates in the United States were in single digits.  After 1960 the rate skyrockets.  Currently the total out-of-wedlock births in the US is over 40%.  Minorities fare the worst, with that number at 53% for Hispanics and a whopping 73% for blacks.

But the absence of a married father in the home is the principle cause of child poverty.  And in the 40 years since the Supreme Court ruled on Roe v. Wade, 55,000 unborn children have been lost.  Free love may be fun for mom and dad but their children are paying the price.

There may be a lot of reasons why so many children are being born to unwed mothers, and so many are being aborted, but we can certainly include lower participation in formal religion.  According to Gallup, in 1948, 91% of Americans reported they were Christians.  That number is now significantly lower, 60 -70% depending on the study.  The numbers for those who regularly attend services drop even more.

But there is a steady effort to diminish religion and remove it from any public arena.  Our second president, John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”  But progressives claim that the Constitution of the government that Adams helped create protects them from having to gaze on Nativity scenes or crosses and it makes it illegal to mention God in our schools.

Environmentalism, the modern version – not to be confused with conservationism, has its roots as I recall in the 1960s.  The progressive heroine of the time was Rachel Carson, whose book, Silent Spring, led to the creation of the EPA and the banning of DDT.

This ban has been blamed for millions of deaths, mostly from Malaria, mostly in Africa.  But this “unintended consequence” is rarely mentioned and Carson is still considered a hero.  Saving the birds is noble.  Killing human beings in the process just isn’t talked about.

In the 1970s they warned we were all going to freeze to death because of global cooling.  Ten years later they reversed all that and warned about man-madeTimeMagCooling global warming.  It was our cars that would kill us.

All this has been thoroughly debunked, but they still spoon feed it to our kids in school, set public policy by it, spend obscene amounts of our money to prevent it and blame every weather event on it.  This has never been about our climate, but about controlling our habits.  They have far too much invested in this to give up simply because the lie has been exposed.

Our entitlement programs are going broke.  What do progressives do?  Create another one – Obamacare – bigger and more expensive than anything we’ve ever attempted.  The fact that we cannot pay for any of this is brushed aside.

The list goes on and on.  Minimum wage laws end up hurting the very people they were intended to help.  Regulations prevent people from starting businesses and becoming employers.  Billions of dollars are spent on schools that produce graduates who can’t read or add.  Banks are forced  to give mortgages to people who can’t repay them, then those same banks are blamed for the mess when it all falls apart.

So why does all this continue?  Why don’t people get angry?  Why don’t they demand our leaders be more responsible and make some changes?

Progressive policies come with a built-in defense mechanism – they sound good.  Who doesn’t want to help poor people, old people, sick people or children?  This used to be the job of our religious institutions or simply a matter of personal responsibility.  But both of these concepts have been destroyed and replaced with dependency on the state – the primary goal of progressivism.  And because it all sounds so good, too many are drawn to it willingly.


Next – conclusion – I promise!

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When we are very young, we are in awe of our parents.  Mom and Dad know everything.  They can do anything, and fix anything.  They are our protectors and our heroes.

Around age 7 or 8 we begin to realize that they don’t know it all. There are chinks in the armor.   By 13 they are a cross for us to bear.  Had anyone seen my Mom singing and seat-dancing at the red light?  Had they seen me in the car with her?  What price would I pay at school tomorrow?

By 16, it’s clear that our parents are imbeciles.  We’re amazed that they get through each day without serious injury.  By 18 we soften our opinion a bit.  We still know Mom and Dad are clueless, but it’s almost an endearing trait.  They mean well, but after all, they’re old – at least 40!  And we don’t really need them anymore, as we now know it all.

We go out into the world.  We marry and have a few children.  We get a mortgage, a car payment and perhaps a boss we don’t like that much.  And with each passing year, our parents magically become smarter and smarter again.  All that crazy stuff they told us all those years ago starts to make sense.

How the heck could we have been so wrong?

I’m told this pattern has repeated over and over with each generation.  I’m pretty sure that’s true, though I must admit, I have but a small snapshot in time – my own life – on which to base that opinion.  And I hate to be a navel-gazer, but I think my generation – the baby boomers – didn’t follow the pattern exactly and we’ve made quite a mess in the process.  And that’s what I want to talk about.

The baby boomers are the 76 million of us born between 1946 and 1964.   We started out as a pretty normal group.


Life was pretty good.  We were the first to live in such large numbers in the new suburbia.  We were far more affluent than previous generations.  We had modern conveniences.  We had cars.  We had televisions.  We had high quality education in brand new schools provided by the government.

We were a patriotic group.  We were all concerned about the communists.  I don’t remember them, but my older brothers recall the air raid drills at school.  We were instructed to take cover under our desks in case of a nuclear attack.

Most of us attended Church regularly.  Me and my brothers, and pretty much everyone else in my extended family, attended Catholic school.  These were not expensive, private schools like they are today.  We went because Mom and Dad were raising us with our religion and if you belonged to the parish, you were entitled to attend the parish school.

The TV was a great influence and the programming reinforced our patriotism, our religious beliefs and our moral values.  We watched Howdy Doody, My Three Sons, Leave It  To Beaver and Father Knows Best.  Thinking back, I was surrounded by adults who all taught and enforced the same lessons.

But that TV brought other things into our homes.  As we moved through the 1960s we watched the unfolding of the civil rights movement.  We saw the brutality and the bigotry.  We watched the Viet Nam war on the evening news.  The reporting changed as the mood of the country changed and the war became more and more unpopular.

One of my earliest memories of TV was watching President Kennedy’s funeral on the television in my 2nd grade classroom.  I still recall the riderless horse with the boots backwards in the stirrups.  I had never seen that before and that image is still etched in my mind.


That’s when I learned the word assassination.  I was to hear that word again a few years later when Dr. King and President Kennedy’s brother Bobby were also murdered.  Being so young and having nothing to compare to, this all seemed normal to me.  I don’t think I knew I was living in such tumultuous times.  And I credit Mom and Dad for that.  They were still my protectors.  Bad things might be happening in the world, but I was safe.  They saw to that.


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Is there anyone who still doesn’t believe that the news is choreographed and carefully crafted for our consumption?  Even Conan O’Brien sees the groupthink.

And while we’re talking about the Easter Bunny, did you know at least one school has banned the Bunny?

Banning the Easter Bunny so as not to offend someone?

The Easter Bunny brings chocolate!  Banning him is what’s offensive!


Seriously, could we just let our kids be kids and have some fun while they still can?  They’ll be grown soon enough and out in the real world where Principal Davenport won’t be around to run interference and assure they won’t be offended by someone or something.

Give the Bunny a break.

And bring on the chocolate!


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Today marks the first anniversary of Liberty Trail.  The view count passed 25,000 last week, and while that’s not gangbusters, it’s respectable.  Thank youAmericanBaldEagle to all who read and share your comments.

It seems like a good day to do something a little out of routine.  So I’m offering some thoughts that are somewhat random but all with their foundation in the truth and in Conservative principles.  These principles are too often misrepresented and it’s good to review occasionally and set the record straight.


My blond hair comes from a bottle but my fair skin and blue eyes are conditions of birth.  They do not indicate a natural predisposition for hatred or racism.  I’m weary of defending myself against baseless charges of racism based simply on the color of my skin.  And I won’t do it anymore.  What you think of me is your business, not mine.

I recognize the value of immigrants and know that America was built by people who came here from somewhere else.  We are not united by our ethnicity, but by our common allegiance to American freedom.

So you are welcome here, but please, come to the front door, knock and wait to be invited in.  Assimilate.  Learn our language, our laws and our customs.  Don’t mass in the streets, pump your fists in the air and demand things from us in your native language.  In America, this is considered to be very bad manners and it just makes us mad.  Above all, don’t try to turn America into the place you just abandoned.

I don’t care if gay people wish to live together and have no interest in what you do in your home.  It’s none of my business.  But I’m tired of being told I must publicly endorse your lifestyle.  I’ll leave you alone and you leave me alone, deal?

And to those of you in the entertainment business – gay sex is no longer edgy.  The shock value is gone.  You’ve gone over the top with gay sex, straight sex and violence.  Whatever happened to Father Knows Best?  Most of us are left trying to figure out what, if any, TV shows or movies we can enjoy with our children and grandchildren without having to have “the talk” with them.

I believe in God.  This doesn’t make me a knuckle-dragging mouth-breather and doesn’t mean that I reject science.  It’s the AGW (global warming) crowd who rejects science.  What arrogance and massive egos are required to assume that anything we do or don’t do will affect the Earth’s temperature!

Voter fraud does exist and the evidence continues to pile up.  Early voting and absentee ballots on demand are designed to facilitate voter fraud.

The Constitution matters.  It’s all that stands between us and tyranny.  If we don’t start protecting it soon, we will lose it, along with our liberty.

Limiting our rights under the 2nd Amendment simply tips the playing field in favor of the bad guys.

The Dept. of Education, the EPA, DHS and the Dept. of Energy should be abolished tomorrow.  This would be a good start.

I don’t dislike most union members.  It’s their leaders and the politicians that their dues support that are corrupt and so unlikable.

Most members of our government know nothing about administering healthcare.  By their track record, they are guaranteed to fail at doing so.  Why we are permitting them to implement Obamacare remains a mystery to me.

Government is not efficient.

Diversity does not make us great.  Unity does.

The government exists to serve us, not the other way around.


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I know it’s early, but I’m wondering what Christmas will be like without Ralphie, Schwartz and the Old Man.  TNT and TBS have been bringing A Christmas Story to us for decades, but this year you won’t be able to tune in to the marathon on Christmas Eve.  Surely the program directors will put an end to this insanity.  We cannot subject another generation to Ralphie’s psychotic, violent dreams of taking out Black Bart.


How did young Ralph become so anti-social?  Where did his inner rage come from?  Was it from too much Little Orphan Annie?  Did Pierre Andre whip thisChSt2 young boy into a frenzy?  Perhaps it was The Old Man’s violent tendencies passed down, swearing in the basement at the furnace or his ongoing war with the Oldsmobile.

Maybe it was exposure to unattainable sex at such an early age.

Wherever it stemmed from, we simply must protect our youngsters from seeing such violence on the TV, especially at a time of Peace On Earth and Good Will Towards Men.  Ralphie’s rage surpasses Pop Tart pistols and thumb and forefinger weapons.  How can we continue to subject our youngsters to hour after hour of Ralph’s sick desire to obtain a violent weapon – watching him manipulate his mother, his teacher, even Santa Claus in his quest?


The insanity has to stop.  We cannot rest until all our children reject Ralph’s twisted rage and accept Aunt Clara’s way.  After all, wouldn’t the world be a better place if all our 9 year-old boys preferred fluffy pink bunny pj’s?



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