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I just deleted what I planned to post here today.  It ran way too long and I feared you would not stay with me to the end.

But it boils down to this:  Two weeks ago, our elected leaders held a “shutdown” of our government.  It was a fraud, and if not for their willful efforts to make life miserable for us, most of us would not have even noticed it.

All the while these members of our elite political class from both parties made Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee out to be public enemies one and two.  They called them ugly names – terrorists, jihadists, Nazis, wife-beaters and racists.  Even The President of The United States participated.  Those of us who supported the efforts of Cruz and Lee were, by extension, included as targets of these slanderous charges.

All this ugliness was because these two men led a small group of members of Congress who kept their campaign promises and tried to stop Obamacare before it was too late.

Think about that for a minute.  They kept their promises to their constituents and see how they were treated for doing so.

And now we’re living the nightmare of what they tried to stop.  In Washington lingo, it’s a “glitch.”  In the real world, it’s promises broken, it’s ineptitude and arrogance.

President Obama stands in the Rose Garden, puts on his best angry face and proclaims, “No one is more frustrated than me.”  It’s as though he is an innocent bystander who had nothing to do with any of it.  He had no idea.  He was blind-sided.

The big headline at The Drudge Report this morning said 300,000 Dropped From Health Plans In Florida.  That’s 300,000 of my neighbors who believed Obama when he told them they were going to be able to keep their health insurance that just got the rug pulled out from under them.

And it’s happening all across the country.  Real people.  Real lives turned upside down at the whim of lying politicians and their social experiments.

Obamacare was supposed to be all about getting health insurance for a relatively small number of folks who couldn’t afford it.  But it is ensnaring all of us who don’t have connections to the elite class.

The stated goal was never the real goal.  If anyone in Washington truly wanted to fix the problem they would have addressed the root, which is the high cost of health CARE.  But they didn’t.  They addressed insurance instead.  And what they created is simply a complex plan to redistribute the cost, and drive that cost so high that we would be unable to afford it, our current system would collapse and we would clamor for someone to fix it.

Then the real plan would be put in motion – the plan to institute government administered healthcare for us all.

This is what so many of us warned and is the only explanation for what we’re witnessing.  In an honest society where truth is valued, Obama, Reid and Pelosi would be laughed out of office for such a failure.  Sebelius would be in prison.  But we abandoned the truth in favor of politics, so they are indifferent.  This is no big deal.  And that’s because they don’t care if any of this works.  It’s only temporary, a stepping stone on the way to their prize – universal healthcare.

They want to rule, not govern.  They want to regulate us at will.  And positioning themselves between us and our doctors gives them all the power they need to control everything we do.

Cruz and Lee have been marginalized by the complicit media and there is no one left to defend our freedom.  We are alone.  We will now live by the rules we have allowed them to institute.  We didn’t pay attention to what they were doing and their task is just about complete.

We turned out backs.  We were not vigilant about our liberty.  And while we watched American Idol and tweeted about Miley Cyrus, they stole it from us.  The machine they built has been set in motion.  I don’t know how we stop it now.


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Early last week, President Obama was asked why he refused to negotiate with Republicans to put a stop to the Obamagovernment shutdown.

He said, “I have said from the start of the year that I’m happy to talk to Republicans about anything related to the budget. There is not a subject that I am not willing to engage in, work on, negotiate and come up with common-sense compromises on.”

He said the Republicans needed to stop standing in the way of an agreement.  “And as soon as that happens, I am eager and ready to sit down and negotiate with Republicans on a whole range of issues.”

Well, the shutdown is over, the Republicans caved and he has gotten what he wanted.

When do the negotiations begin?

Let’s all watch to see when that happens.

We were also told that Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and the other tea party Republicans were fools to stand in the way of an agreement because the shutdown was stealing all the headlines, and people  were not hearing about how bad the rollout of Obamacare was.

They said if not for the news of the shutdown, the media would be talking all day about the disaster the website was and how no one could register, much less get health insurance.

The nightmare of Obamacare would have been the headlines across the nation, if not for those tea party types.


Well, the shutdown is over and off the front page.  And the Obamacare rollout hasn’t gotten any better.

So let’s all watch to see how the media reports on it now.

Let’s all watch to see how many headlines it gets.


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Remember this classic scene from Private Benjamin?

Poor Judy.  She “did join the army.”  But she “joined a different army.”  She “joined the one with the condos and the private rooms.”  Her recruiter painted a rosy picture of the Army.  He lied to her, and she signed on the dotted line.

She ended up scrubbing the latrine with her toothbrush.

Our recruiter painted a rosy picture of Obamacare.

And in spite of warnings, a lot of people believed him and signed on the dotted line.  They re-elected him.

But we didn’t get that wonderful, efficient, low-cost healthcare and we haven’t seen increased wages and our economy isn’t getting better.

Millions of Americans remain unemployed and millions more are now working part-time jobs.  They are getting notices that their health insurance, which they like and want to keep, is being dropped.  Or their premiums and deductibles are being raised out of their reach.

Hospitals are laying off staff.  Doctors are getting out of the profession.    Business owners are running scared.  Our economy is in the tank, we are in debt so deep that my granddaughter will be paying today’s bills and our elected leaders demand the authority to borrow even more.

And those of us still fighting to get us out from under Obamacare before it’s too late are labeled arsonists, anarchists, terrorists, wife-beaters and Confederate soldiers.

Some are beginning to see the truth, but it looks like too little, too late.  It appears that Obamacare is here to stay.

So break out your toothbrushes.  You’re not getting the condos and the private rooms.

Get on your knees and start scrubbing.  We’re all Private Benjamin now.


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“We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”

Wesley Pruden at the Washington Times claims this quote is from a Park Service Ranger.

And it seems to be true.  All around Washington, fences are being erected to block public access to memorials and monuments normally open for anyone to come and go as they please.  National parks are being shut down.  No they haven’t put a fence around the Grand Canyon (yet) but they are barricading access roads and shutting down privately run business in the parks – restaurants, hotels, camp grounds, fishing and hunting services…  They have even tried to shut down places not owned by the federal government!

And as if that isn’t enough, they have closed the ocean.  Think I’m exaggerating?  Read here for yourself.

This is punitive and vengeful behavior coming from the Obama administration over the “government shutdown.”

And I’ve had about as much of it as I can stand.  Is this the nation Lincoln spoke of at Gettysburg?  Do you see a “government of the people, by the people, for the people?”

Are we sheep?

We live in a republic where we elect representatives to run the place.  They work for us.  President Obama doesn’t own the White House.  We provide that beautiful home out of respect for the person elected to be our president.

The members of Congress do not own the Capitol Building.  We provide that for them as a place to meet and do the work of the nation.

If we are to be banned from federal property, then they should be banned also.  After all, we’re all equal and no one is above the law, right?

Sorry Mr. President, but you and the family are going to have to find other accommodations.  We know it’s short notice, but we are having a government shutdown, you know.  Please step aside.  They’re bringing in the barricades.

And you members of Congress are going to have to make other arrangements.  The Capitol Building is being barricaded too.  Sorry.  Government shutdown.  It is federal property.

Your staff and security have been furloughed and your cell phone service has been turned off.  Don’t worry, though.  It’s just for a little while, until the government shutdown is over.  And I hear there are people working on that.

The President of The United States and the United States Congress are not our rulers!  They are our employees!  And it’s time that they, and we, started acting as such.

The White House, the Capitol, the monuments, the parks, all of it, every single square inch of it belongs to us.  How dare they tell us we can’t visit the Grand Canyon or go fishing in Biscayne Bay.  How dare they barricade aging war veterans from their memorial.

But it seems to me that too many Americans are willing to put up with it.  Are you?  Are you willing to sit down and shut up while the Obama administration and the Washington elites steal more of your liberty?

Are you an American or are you a sheep?

Maybe you don’t care.  Maybe you’re content to turn on American Idol and hope for the best.  Maybe you’re content with whatever scraps they toss your way, as long as you don’t have to pay attention to any of that political stuff.  They’re all crooks and liars anyway, so why bother?

Well, you’re at least right about that part.  They are crooks and liars.  And they are stealing your future and that of your children and grandchildren right from under your nose because you can’t turn off the damned TV and stand up for yourself.

What do you plan to tell your grandchildren when they’re old enough?  That America was once a great country and we were free, but you let it slip through your fingers?  What apology will you offer that justifies their bondage and poverty?  You were just too busy and you thought someone else would take care of it?  Who?

I don’t care what side of the argument you are on concerning this phony-baloney government shutdown, but you should not tolerate this presidential show of power.  As I said last week, Obama is our president, not our king.  And he has no right to order agents of the federal government, paid with our tax dollars, to “make life as difficult for people as we can.”

They are snooping into our private correspondence, they demand we give them our private medical records, they spy on us from every street corner, they use the IRS and the TSA to squash our Constitutional rights, they intimidate members of the press who they don’t already control, they manipulate our currency to their advantage and at our expense , they openly invite foreign invaders into our communities against our wishes and they are arming domestic government agencies like nothing I have ever seen before.

And now they are sending armed federal police to keep us off our own property.

What the hell is it going to take to wake you people up?


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The right to vote is fundamental to our government and was intended to ensure that those we elect to represent us will protect our interests and our liberty.  We hear all the time, especially close to Election Day, that our right to vote is sacred.  It should be protected at all costs.  Nothing must stand in the way of any of us casting our ballot.

But what about the responsibility of each citizen to be informed enough to make a wise choice?  What happens when the electorate is ignorant of what is going on around them?

I’m sorry, but I just don’t see the humor here.

I’ll bet that each of these folks knows Snooki.  They know Miley Cyrus too.  And they can tell you who won American Idol.

And most likely, they vote.

Are you angry about what’s going on in Washington right now?  Are you sick and tired of corrupt politicians who tell you one thing, then do the opposite?  Are you frightened that they won’t stop spending our grandchildren’s money?  Are you afraid they are completely clueless about what they are doing?

Well, who’s really to blame?  Who sent them to Washington?  Who said, “Well, I like that guy who does the morning news and he likes that candidate, so I guess I’ll vote for him?”  Or did you just pick the candidate who promised to give you stuff?

We get the government we deserve.  When enough uninformed people go to the polls and cast uneducated, ignorant votes, we end up where we are today.

If you are paying attention and know who is hurting us and who is helping, thank you.

If you are clueless, either get informed or stay home on Election Day.  You are the real reason we are in this mess.


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Obamacare is the law of the land.  I keep hearing that over and over and over.  From Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services:

“It (Obamacare) was passed and signed three years ago. It was upheld by the Supreme Court a year ago. The president was re-elected. This is the law of the land.”

OK.  But then, why aren’t you obeying it?  Why isn’t President Obama obeying it?  Why isn’t the United States Senate obeying it?  We have all watched as they handed out waiver after waiver to politically connected groups, even though it’s “the law of the land.”

The law says that starting January 1, 2014 that all businesses with more than 50 employees must provide health insurance to those employees.  But the White House waived that.  They will ignore it for a year and will not enforce it.  Why can’t you and I get that same waiver?  Why are corporations being exempted from the law, but you and I won’t be?

That’s the question Republican lawmakers have been asking.  They’ve been trying to get us the same exemption from the law that big corporations (campaign donors) are getting.

The law also says that members of Congress and their staff must get their health coverage through the Obamacare exchanges, the same as you or I would have to.  That was, of course, until they received their waiver from the Obama administration.  The very people who forced this on us, refuse to participate.

What are they afraid of?

And why do they refuse to obey “the law of the land?”

Our immigration laws are “the law of the land” yet the Obama administration, and frankly, several prior administrations refuse to obey and enforce those laws.

Our government is not permitted to spy on us.  It’s “the law of the land.”  But the NSA is snooping through our correspondence and collecting all manner of data on each and every one of us.  And they continue doing so despite all our complaints.

Our Constitution grants us the right to free speech, specifically so that we can speak out when we don’t like what our government is doing.  That’s “the law of the land” too.  But agents of the IRS harass and threaten citizens exercising that right.  And we’re about to make them the enforcement mechanism for all our healthcare!  Gee, I just can’t wait until they have access to my personal medical information, can you?!

It is “the law of the land” that Congress give us a budget each year.  Yet they haven’t complied since 2009.  That’s the reason we’re even having the argument about Obamacare today.  We stopped having actual budgets and now run our nation’s finances through “continuing resolutions.”  So we’re forced to watch this drama play out in Washington over and over and over, just as we are now.

So I say fine.  If you want to offer the argument that Obamacare is “the law of the land” and therefore must be followed, then let’s do it.  But we’ll follow all of it.  No more carve-outs, no more waivers, no more exemptions for those who are politically connected.

And we’ll follow all the other laws too.  Bring the NSA, TSA, IRS, Homeland Security, and most of all Congress into compliance.

Let’s all follow “the law of the land” and put an end to the corruption of the drama queens we have running America.

By the way, we may want to begin by asking our elected leaders to explain the law to us.


That is, if any one of them can claim they actually know what’s in all those pages.


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The news is unreal today, almost mocking.

Our new Secretary of State, John Kerry, has decreed that four State Department officials who were on administrative leave related to the attack in Benghazi last year are to be reinstated and will not be subject to any disciplinary action.

They had been placed on leave under former Secretary Hillary Clinton who had promised the families of those who were murdered in Benghazi that there would be a thorough investigation and justice would be served.  Yet, almost a year later, no one has paid any price.  Well, except the guy who made the video that everyone lied about.  He’s still in prison.

Mrs. Clinton, who famously asked, “What difference does it make?”  remains the front-runner in the race for the democrat presidential candidate.

The prosecution has rested in the case of Nidal Hassan.  The judge in that case has blocked any evidence or witnesses proving his motive, which we all know was jihad.  While shouting Allahu Akbar, Hassan opened fire at Fort Hood, killing 13 and wounding 32 others.

Because Eric Holder’s Justice Department declared Hassan’s act to be “workplace violence” and not a terrorist attack as it was, those killed, their families and the survivors have all been denied the honors and benefits that America legitimately owes to them.

The media breathlessly waits to see how Hassan, who is representing himself, plans to conduct his defense.

While the administration ignores the big, giant, red flags indicating that Hassan is a terrorist, we are told that the NSA is perfectly within its jurisdiction to troll our private lives because they have to find the terrorists among us.  It begs the question what they will do when they find one.

And there is the awful story of three teens who murdered an Australian man who was here attending college.  Reports are that the teens have admitted their guilt and say they did this for fun because they were bored.  The victim was white.  Two of the accused, including the one assumed to have pulled the trigger, are black.

Racial fires are still being stoked over Trayvon Martin’s death, so it’s no surprise that some are asking what Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have to say.  Allen West tweeted “Who will POTUS identify w/this time?”  This is a reference to President Obama comparing himself to Trayvon Martin last month.

These are legitimate questions but like those asked in the Martin/Zimmerman case, they get in the way of any attempt to expose and deal with the real problem.  Why do these young men turn to gang life?  How do they become so cold and indifferent to human life?

It is, of course, all about politics.  Honesty is run down by those who would exploit all this to push their agendas of gun control or the “social justice” du jour.

We’re now getting daily reports of Obamacare driving up insurance premiums, causing employers to cut hours or let workers go, and of course, the selected groups given more and more waivers.

All the while we’re told everything is fine.  Don’t worry, your government has it all under control and it’s all going to be great.  Sunshine, lollipops and unicorns.

The news is certainly strange today.

But none of it is real.


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“These recent maneuverings inside the beltway are precisely why the American people rightly despise Congress.” 

So says Senator David Vitter (R-LA) about the most recent Obamacare exemption bestowed upon another select group.  Members of Congress and their staff will have 75% of their Obamacare premiums paid by the taxpayers (you and me.)  The law says they are required to obtain their insurance through the exchanges just like the rest of us.  But they claim they won’t be able to afford such high premiums.  Boo hoo.

So they are getting a pass.

Employees at the IRS, represented by their union, don’t want Obamacare either.  Acting IRS chief Danny Werfel told Congress, “I would prefer to stay with the current policy that I’m pleased with rather than go through a change if I don’t need to go through that change.”

I feel your pain, Mr. Werfel.  We all do.

Thousands of Obamacare waivers have been dished out to select companies, unions and others who provide the large campaign donations.  President Obama recently decreed that the employer mandate portion of the Obamacare law won’t be enforced at least for another year.  The big guys get a pass while small businesses and individuals get nothing.

A lot of us knew how bad Obamacare was going to be before it ever became law.  Those who didn’t are learning, and now a majority of Americans want the law repealed.

And what does Congress do?  They are one of the three equal branches of our government and we elected them to represent us.  Why won’t they protect us?  Why can’t we get a waiver or an exemption?  Why won’t they repeal this bad law as we want them to?

America, once the beacon of freedom and equality under the law for all, continues to devolve into a state with two classes – the political ruling class and the rest of us who do their bidding.  Our members of congress, elected by the people to represent our best interest, turn their backs on us, giving the goodies to those who run the all-powerful government and those connected to them.

The rest of us?  We despise them.

And rightly so.


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This one is really for our beloved Low Information Voters.  As I’ve told you before, I understand your hesitation when it comes to politics.  I hear your sighs at the mention of the word.  I see your eyes roll up into your head.  I get it.

But I still keep reminding you that it is politicians who write the laws, who make the rules that you and I have to live by. What they do has a profound effect on our lives and we can no longer afford to leave them unattended.

Your big complaints are that it’s all too complicated to keep track of and you don’t know who’s lying and who’s telling the truth.  I am happy to tell you that a crash course that will provide your answers is available and is just starting to play out for all to watch.  I promise you that if you’ll pay attention to just one issue over the coming days and weeks, you’ll learn all you need to know.  That issue is the IRS scandal.

As we know, President Obama and his spokesman switched gears last week and are now saying that the scandals plaguing the administration are phonies.  (See Friday’s post if you need to catch up on that.)  Treasury Secretary Jack Lew appeared on TV Sunday to push the notion that there’s nothing to see with regard to what’s going on at the IRS and that the president’s political enemies are just out to get him.  Here’s part of his interview with Chris Wallace.  If all this is really too painful for you, you can skip to just before the 3 minute mark and still get the gist.

So according to Lew, conservative groups were not singled out, everyone guilty of bad behavior has been dealt with, all the appropriate questions have been asked and those looking for any political connections to the Obama administration are simply playing politics.  There’s no there there.

OK.  So now let’s look at the facts that we do know.

There were over a hundred applications for tax exempt status from conservative groups that the IRS pulled out for extra scrutiny and subjected to questions that were outside IRS jurisdiction.  A handful of applications from progressive groups got extra scrutiny.

Who has paid any price at the IRS?  Well, Lois Lerner, who plead the Fifth and refused to answer questions for members of Congress, and Holly Paz were put on paid administrative leave.  They’re on paid vacation.  Joseph Grant has retired.  We assume he’s collecting his full pension and benefits.

As best we can tell, William Wilkins, IRS Chief Council appointed by President Obama, has not been questioned by anyone.

The citizens who appeared before Congress to tell of how they were singled out by the IRS say that no one from the FBI or any other government agency has interviewed them or even contacted them.  I can’t figure out how investigators can investigate without ever speaking to the victims.

And of course, there is what the president promised (before he changed his mind.)

So the sides are drawn up.  On the right, you have people complaining that those conducting the investigation are dragging their feet and refuse to ask the proper questions of the parties involved.  On the left you have people saying that the investigation has revealed nothing but a tiny handful of career employees who behaved badly but have been dealt with, and that anyone suggesting a political angle is just fishing for something that doesn’t exist.

The facts tell us that something very, very wrong happened.  There is simply no question about that.  Private citizens – Americans – were denied their right to participate in the electoral process because of their political views.  The party currently in power, abused that power to stifle the freedom of speech of these Americans.  To suggest that the investigation is pretty much complete when we know so many involved haven’t even been questioned is absurd.  No one has been punished.  No one has taken responsibility.

And over the coming days and weeks, you will be able to watch the dance play out.  You will be able to tell which politicians and which members of the media are lying and which are telling the truth.  If the anchor on your news channel tells you all this is phony and those crazy conservatives are on a witch hunt, you’ll know you’re being lied to.

The same goes for members of Congress.  Listen to what they say.  Are they interested in getting to the truth or do they just want to insult those asking for the truth?  Are they looking out for you or are they more interested in defending their political party?

And as you’re watching and making note of who is lying to you, please remember that we are just months away from the implementation of Obamacare.  The same IRS that has engaged in political targeting is about to be put in charge of enforcing our healthcare system.

If you don’t think that’s a good enough reason to invest a little of your time and figure out the truth, I just don’t know what else I can say to awaken you.  You deserve to live in a country where your rulers decide what scraps they’ll throw you.

It’s too bad you will be taking the rest of us down with you.


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On Tuesday, President Obama’s spokesman, Jay Carney, gave us a peek into what the president would focus on in his current campaign tour.

Phony scandals?  Surely Carney was joking.

But he wasn’t.  Phony is exactly what Obama said the next day in an otherwise snoozer of a speech at Knox College in Illinois.

He took a lot of heat for the line.  But just to be sure that no one got the wrong idea and wouldn’t assume he just chose his words poorly, he doubled down and repeated the charge yesterday while speaking to another handpicked crowd of adoring fans.

Like so many others, I’m still picking my chin up from the floor and wondering which scandals he’s referring to.  Is he talking about Border Agent Brian Terry, who was killed with a Fast and Furious gun?  Or the hundreds of Mexican citizens who were killed with those guns?  Are they phony?

Or could he be talking about the four Americans murdered in Benghazi?  Are they phony?

Maybe he meant the hundreds of conservative groups systematically targeted illegally by the IRS and prevented from participating in our political system for two election cycles.

Or perhaps he meant the reporters whose phone records were “obtained” by the Justice Department.  Maybe he meant James Rosen, the FOX News correspondent who the same Justice Department falsely named as a co-conspirator in an espionage case in order to obtain access to his phone and email accounts.

Perhaps he meant the revelation that the NSA is collecting data on each and every one of us, storing it all away for some yet undisclosed purpose in the future.

Are these all phony?

Who paid any price for the death of Brian Terry?  Who has paid for the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty or Ty Woods?  The only person jailed was the guy who made the video.  Who ordered that video be used as a cover-up?  Talk about phony baloney.

Who’s investigating the IRS?  The American citizens who testified before Congress about how they were targeted and abused say no one from the FBI or anyone else has contacted them.

I’m angry.  Really angry.  All around me, I see the lives of Americans being destroyed.  Good, decent, hard-working people who have played by the rules all their lives are losing their jobs, their businesses, their homes and their life savings.

What’s being done about it?  Arrogant, overpaid bureaucrats hide behind their “rights.”


Lois Lerner

Except for a tiny handful of decent men and women, members of Congress go along to get along, spending borrowed money we can never repay, and covering up for the most outrageous and criminal behavior of those in positions of power.  Their number one concern is getting re-elected and staying on the gravy train of taxpayer dollars.  Meanwhile, they preach to the rest of us, call us cowardly racists and just too simple-minded to understand their grand plan.

Our president sneers at our complaints, and with his signature smirk he labels them phony.  He dismisses us and swats us away as one would a gnat on a hot summer day.

It’s spiraling out of control now folks.  Nothing is being done about any of this.  They’re simply waiting us out.  They’re waiting until we get tired of asking for answers and action.  Obamacare will soon hit us and that will do the job.  As we all watch our healthcare system implode and find ourselves with little access to medical care we’ll realize that they even have the power to take away our health.

What’s happening is all very real.  And a real price will be paid by real Americans.

They only things that are phony are the hollow words coming from our leaders.


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