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Early last week, President Obama was asked why he refused to negotiate with Republicans to put a stop to the Obamagovernment shutdown.

He said, “I have said from the start of the year that I’m happy to talk to Republicans about anything related to the budget. There is not a subject that I am not willing to engage in, work on, negotiate and come up with common-sense compromises on.”

He said the Republicans needed to stop standing in the way of an agreement.  “And as soon as that happens, I am eager and ready to sit down and negotiate with Republicans on a whole range of issues.”

Well, the shutdown is over, the Republicans caved and he has gotten what he wanted.

When do the negotiations begin?

Let’s all watch to see when that happens.

We were also told that Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and the other tea party Republicans were fools to stand in the way of an agreement because the shutdown was stealing all the headlines, and people  were not hearing about how bad the rollout of Obamacare was.

They said if not for the news of the shutdown, the media would be talking all day about the disaster the website was and how no one could register, much less get health insurance.

The nightmare of Obamacare would have been the headlines across the nation, if not for those tea party types.


Well, the shutdown is over and off the front page.  And the Obamacare rollout hasn’t gotten any better.

So let’s all watch to see how the media reports on it now.

Let’s all watch to see how many headlines it gets.


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The government is open!

Woo hoo.

Happy days are here again as the massive machine that is our federal government gets back in gear.


President Obama and the other members of the progressive ruling class are free again to pretend they support our soldiers and veterans.  They can continue to impugn the character and motives of conservative lawmakers, as they borrow even more money in the name of our grandchildren and spend us into ruin and collapse.

They can lay claim to being the winners.  The losers of course, are the taxpayers – the average folks just trying to get by.  They’ll get no relief and will just end up on the hook for more and more as the debt grows larger and larger.

John McCain and the other Republicans who attacked Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul are the cowards.  They claim to be conservatives but were too afraid to go up against that giant government machine in the name of the people who elected them.

The fools?  They are mostly the mainstream media – the water boys and cheerleaders for Team Obama, who don’t yet realize they are the useful idiots.  And they are those who still believe the media is telling them the truth, who believe that government can solve all their problems and are grateful this morning that members of Congress have stopped fighting.  They believe the absence of conflict signals everything is just fine.

The conservatives, the dreaded tea party members of Congress, claim they have no intention of standing down, that they plan to continue the fight.  That’s admirable, but how do they win?  They are a minority, surrounded by life-long political animals who are living the dream and have demonstrated that they are ready to go to any length to squash anyone who tries to ruin it for them.

So celebrate!  Eat, drink and be merry!  Like it or not, the government is back in business!

Oh, and next week?  Amnesty of course!  There’s no such thing as illegal in Washington anymore, no one is held to account for their actions, and it appears there’s not a thing to be done to change that.

The giant machine of government, that rolls along devouring its host, is unstoppable.


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This is one of my favorite scenes from Duck Dynasty.

My husband and I laughed out loud watching that one.  Take away the beard, the boat and the swamp and Phil Robertson is everyman.  Well, at least he’s my husband who has also mastered the art of tuning out “chatter.”

That lack of political correctness, the honesty about something as simple as the fundamental differences between the sexes is refreshing and draws me to watch this show.

Almost 12 million of us tuned in to watch the season premiere of Duck Dynasty.  The show has become a phenomenon, and Americans just can’t get enough of the Robertson family.  When we’re not watching, we’re making them even richer by buying Duck Dynasty gear – mugs, t-shirts, videos, bobble heads, doormats, sunglasses…  You can even get an official Duck Commander Marshmallow Blaster.


But what is it that makes this show, this family, so endearing?  They certainly don’t fit the modern standard for stardom.


They don’t look the part.  They own guns.  They shoot animals.  And eat them!  They believe in God.

But I think that’s just it.  I think we are drawn to them because they are not like Hollywood, but more like us.  Or maybe how we would like to be.  The Robertsons may look like throwbacks to another time, but their values are timeless and purely American.

The men actually behave like men.  And they don’t apologize for it.  Their wives may not be thrilled with those wild beards, but they accept their husbands and don’t nag them about being men and doing what men do.  In return, those men respect their wives.  Maybe it’s a little thing like listening to a little chatter, but there is a mutual respect that seems lost in our current society that dictates too much of our behavior.

While politicians and activists promote more and more control of firearms, the Robertsons seem oblivious.  Their guns are a part of their way of life.  In the past, Phil used his shooting skills to provide food for his family.  They are wealthy enough now that Phil no longer has to hunt for food, but he still prefers to live his life as he always has.  Telling Phil Robertson that he is no longer permitted to use a gun would be like putting him in prison.

There’s a wildness to this family.  It’s normal to them, but those of us living as “yuppies” in cookie-cutter houses in the suburbs are drawn to it.  Our lives are more and more regulated, restricted, managed, controlled, surveilled and mandated.  But this family is free.  We might get away for an occasional week to enjoy the great outdoors, or to hunt or do a little fishing.  The Robertsons just go out to the backyard.

If they want to hunt, they hunt.  If they want to fish, they fish.  If they want to blow something up, they do.  And no, I don’t understand why men like to blow things up.  I just know that they do and who am I to judge?

At the end of each episode, at the end of their day, the Robertsons gather together for the evening meal.  (June Cleaver would be proud.)  Phil commands, “Ya all bow.”  And he prays, thanking Jesus for the bounty He has provided.  I read somewhere that this was a deal-breaker, that this family would not hide their Christian faith on the show.  That faith is integral to their lives and had to be included.  It’s another rarity on display each week.

This family isn’t perfect.  In the season premier, at their belated wedding Miss Kay told Phil that she loved him even “when you weren’t very nice.”  They’ve had their hard times, but stuck it out and made it work.  Their sons seem to be decent men who married well.  The grandchildren are loved and their upbringing is the family’s business.  Everyone participates.

And who wouldn’t want all that?  I guess there are some who watch just to see what crazy thing Uncle Si might say that week.  There’s probably a few who watch just to mock and exercise some mistaken sense of superiority.

But I think most of us watch because it is familiar.  We may not have the beards, wear the camo or skin our own dinner.  But we have the same values as the Robertsons – love of God and family, pride in America’s greatness, in self-reliance, defense of liberty, and little tolerance for political correctness.

In the past we could tune into Little House on The Prairie or The Waltons to find these and to offer our children quality entertainment and worthy role models.  That’s not so easy anymore.  I cringe at some of the people our youngsters idolize today.  Hollywood has traded in those values for gratuitous violence and hyper-sex and serves this to our youngsters as glamorous and hip.

Then along comes this unlikely family of rednecks.  They are imperfect, they don’t take themselves too seriously, yet we see in them all that we fear is slipping through our fingers.  But their success signals that we are not alone, that there are other Americans out there who also share the Robertson’s values – at least 12 million of them.

And that makes me happy, happy, happy.


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A couple of months ago I had the TV on and tuned to the 5 o’clock news on ABC.  When they went to commercial, they ran a promo for one of their new shows called Mistresses.

Based on the commercial, this must be one steamy show.  It seemed like there was a lot of extra-marital sex going on and the camera left little to one’s imagination.  As a matter of fact, based on that commercial, and the name of the show, I would guess that this is what the show is all about – sex.  One clip even showed lesbian sex in the shower.

Now, it’s entirely up to me to choose what programs I will or won’t tune into.  But I don’t have a choice about what the networks put in their commercials or when they air those commercials.  And in the 5 o’clock hour I would imagine there were a lot of youngsters who saw what I saw.

I sent a quick email to my local ABC affiliate that read in part, “Please, tell me, is it even possible to have the TV on anymore with young children in the house without having to have “the talk” with a five-year old?”

The station’s general manager responded, “Thanks for the feedback about the Mistresses promo spot.  Very helpful information.   Thanks.”


Since then, I’ve seen several similar promos, some for different shows.  This seems to be the new normal for those in charge of programming.  I have set the issue aside as it seems to be out of my hands.

But I was pleasantly surprised this morning to learn that I’m not alone.  Another Mom, Rebeca Seitz, blogged about her similar experience and it’s getting a lot of notice.  She snapped a picture of her TV showing the promo for another show called Betrayal  that ran on Good Morning America (while her 8-year-old was watching) and posted it to Facebook.

Facebook took the picture down.  They notified her that it was “inappropriate due to nudity.”

So she put it up on her blog under the name “Morning Sex?”  She says she won’t accept this sort of thing anymore without at least putting up a fight.

As I said, Rebeca’s blog post is getting a lot of attention and that makes me happy to know that at least I’m not alone.  Like Rebeca, I believe it’s possible to provide quality entertainment without lowering long-held standards of decency.  ABC is owned by Disney.  They ought to know better.  They ought to allow parents to decide when, where, how and most importantly what their children will be taught about sex.

Or perhaps they just want all parents to unplug the TV?


Rebeca’s blog post with pic Facebook took down here.

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I haven’t been posting regularly here for over a week.  Part of this is just personal things that have been taking up my time.  But mostly it’s because of the nature of the news.  And it’s not because we’re having a slow news cycle, but because the news is so overwhelming.

You know when you face some daunting task, like cleaning out the garage, you may open the door, survey the mess and simply close the door and walk away.  You just don’t even know where to begin.  The news has been like that lately.  I just don’t know where to begin.  So I close the door and walk away.  But that doesn’t get us anywhere.  We need to be vigilant.  So it’s time to catch up.

There was a story about two weeks ago, that didn’t get a lot of notice.  It was about how the Veteran’s Administration is over budget and behind schedule on multiple construction projects.

The Government Accountability Office released a report showing that many of the VA’s construction projects were years behind schedule and their cost overruns were at $1.5 billion.  One example given was a medical center in Aurora, CO.  The medical center was originally scheduled to be completed and opened in 2008 at a cost of $200 million.  It’s still not done.  The GAO report says it will be complete in 2015 at a cost of $800 million.

The contractor however, projects it will open in 2016 at a cost of $1 billion.  The contractor blames the delays and costs on multiple changes the VA has requested to the original plan.  I find no information about anyone being held accountable for any of this.

And that lack of accountability is what is so emblematic of Washington in general.  For me, this story is like a microcosm of all that’s wrong with our federal government.  The GAO, the Government Accountability Office, really isn’t holding anyone accountable.  They simply do the math and supply the information.

The contractor is most likely correct, and the changes made by the VA are to blame.

The VA released a statement that says, “The Department has taken measures to implement recommendations from the Government Accountability Office through several initiatives to improve the scope, cost and schedule information of major construction projects.”

Hmmm, yeah, that ought to fix it.

Congress approves the money for all this and has real oversight authority.  But it is clear that oversight was not exercised here.  And to be fair, how can they know about something like this in time to put a stop to it?  There are thousands of projects just like this going on at any given time.  How would they ever keep an eye on all of them?

And that’s the point.  Our tax dollars are being spent by federal bureaucrats who have no incentive to spend them wisely.  There is no penalty FlushingMoneyfor waste and corruption and no one is held responsible.

No one is watching them.

Only when a project goes bad enough to get some attention from the media, does anyone in Washington even raise an eyebrow.  They are always reacting to bad news, never watching to prevent that bad news.

They can’t.  It’s all just too big.   Our federal government has grown into something it was never intended to be, something that no one can control, not even our elected leaders in Congress.  It rolls along, devouring our tax dollars in a way that would never be tolerated in the private sector where people are made to answer for their mistakes and their employment is on the line.

As I said, this story didn’t get a lot of attention.  It was around for a day or so, and then everyone moved on.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe it’s because we’ve become accustomed to being outraged by dollar amounts counted in trillions.  Millions, even billions no longer get our attention.

Maybe it’s because we’ve grown so accustomed to corruption and out of control spending from the federal government that we’re just not surprised by a story like this one.

Maybe we’re just tired – tired of our demands for quality leadership and accountability falling on deaf ears.


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On Tuesday, President Obama’s spokesman, Jay Carney, gave us a peek into what the president would focus on in his current campaign tour.

Phony scandals?  Surely Carney was joking.

But he wasn’t.  Phony is exactly what Obama said the next day in an otherwise snoozer of a speech at Knox College in Illinois.

He took a lot of heat for the line.  But just to be sure that no one got the wrong idea and wouldn’t assume he just chose his words poorly, he doubled down and repeated the charge yesterday while speaking to another handpicked crowd of adoring fans.

Like so many others, I’m still picking my chin up from the floor and wondering which scandals he’s referring to.  Is he talking about Border Agent Brian Terry, who was killed with a Fast and Furious gun?  Or the hundreds of Mexican citizens who were killed with those guns?  Are they phony?

Or could he be talking about the four Americans murdered in Benghazi?  Are they phony?

Maybe he meant the hundreds of conservative groups systematically targeted illegally by the IRS and prevented from participating in our political system for two election cycles.

Or perhaps he meant the reporters whose phone records were “obtained” by the Justice Department.  Maybe he meant James Rosen, the FOX News correspondent who the same Justice Department falsely named as a co-conspirator in an espionage case in order to obtain access to his phone and email accounts.

Perhaps he meant the revelation that the NSA is collecting data on each and every one of us, storing it all away for some yet undisclosed purpose in the future.

Are these all phony?

Who paid any price for the death of Brian Terry?  Who has paid for the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty or Ty Woods?  The only person jailed was the guy who made the video.  Who ordered that video be used as a cover-up?  Talk about phony baloney.

Who’s investigating the IRS?  The American citizens who testified before Congress about how they were targeted and abused say no one from the FBI or anyone else has contacted them.

I’m angry.  Really angry.  All around me, I see the lives of Americans being destroyed.  Good, decent, hard-working people who have played by the rules all their lives are losing their jobs, their businesses, their homes and their life savings.

What’s being done about it?  Arrogant, overpaid bureaucrats hide behind their “rights.”


Lois Lerner

Except for a tiny handful of decent men and women, members of Congress go along to get along, spending borrowed money we can never repay, and covering up for the most outrageous and criminal behavior of those in positions of power.  Their number one concern is getting re-elected and staying on the gravy train of taxpayer dollars.  Meanwhile, they preach to the rest of us, call us cowardly racists and just too simple-minded to understand their grand plan.

Our president sneers at our complaints, and with his signature smirk he labels them phony.  He dismisses us and swats us away as one would a gnat on a hot summer day.

It’s spiraling out of control now folks.  Nothing is being done about any of this.  They’re simply waiting us out.  They’re waiting until we get tired of asking for answers and action.  Obamacare will soon hit us and that will do the job.  As we all watch our healthcare system implode and find ourselves with little access to medical care we’ll realize that they even have the power to take away our health.

What’s happening is all very real.  And a real price will be paid by real Americans.

They only things that are phony are the hollow words coming from our leaders.


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Way back in 2010, Christine O’Donnell ran for the United States Senate for the State of Delaware.  O’Donnell was a tea party favorite and became the target ChristineODonnellof some fantastic stories at the hand of her opponents.

One of those stories was about a tax lien on her home.  It was alleged that she wasn’t all that bright and couldn’t manage her own finances.  And to top it off she hadn’t paid her taxes.  Why should such a person hold a position of authority?  It didn’t matter that the lien was not real.  She lost the race.

More information about that lien is trickling out now.  O’Donnell recently got a call from an investigator at the Treasury Department to tell her that some official from the State of Delaware had accessed her tax records improperly.  The date of that access was March 9, 2010.

Coincidentally, that was the same date that O’Donnell announced she was running for the Senate.  Wow, small world, huh?  But if that’s not enough for you, March 9, 2010 was also the date that the IRS placed the tax lien (for the home she no longer owned and didn’t owe any taxes on) into Ms. O’Donnell’s records.

What are the odds?

A Delaware official says the investigation into O’Donnell’s tax records was done properly, and says it was done on March 20, not March 9.  But he can’t provide any evidence or additional information as all their records of the event have already been destroyed.

I’ll give you a minute for that one.

We’ve learned in recent months that the IRS has engaged in a systematic effort to use its power to undermine the most basic rights of conservative Americans by way of denying and delaying tax exempt status for any groups associated with conservative values.  Now it appears the abuse runs deeper than we imagined.

Let’s engage in our own fantastic story for a moment.  Fast forward a bit to the presidential race in 2016. Obamacare is in full swing and, as planned, the IRS has access to all our medical records.  Their abuse of power continues unchecked.

The Republican Party has chosen Margaret O’Malley as their candidate.  She’s a rock-solid conservative and the first female ever in such a position.  With just weeks to go until Election Day, O’Malley is leading and looks headed to be the next President of The United States.

On an otherwise average Monday morning, the headline of the New York Times screams that O’Malley is mentally unstable.  The story reveals that The Times has obtained a copy of her medical records showing her history of being institutionalized for depression and drug abuse.  The associated criminal offenses are hinted at.  There are also records of treatment for a variety of STDs and a listing of multiple abortions – from the pro-life candidate.

O’Malley steps to the microphones and claims innocence of each and every charge, but she is unable to overcome the media frenzy.  She drops in the polls like a brick and is beaten by the Democrat Party candidate in a landslide.  Her reputation is left in ruins.

A couple of months later, as the new president is about to be inaugurated, The Times prints a retraction in two tiny paragraphs on page 32, below the fold.  They reveal that the IRS accidentally attached the medical records of another person to those of Ms. O’Malley.  Oops.  They still refuse to reveal the identity of the person who leaked O’Malley’s records to them.  The Justice Department quietly drops the investigation.

Do you think that story is too fantastic?  I don’t.  I think it’s right where we are headed.  Our government has been ruling against the wishes of the people for quite a long time already.  And now they are shutting the door behind them.  They are guaranteeing their power never be challenged by letting in only those who they trust.

Question them, challenge them or expose them and you’ll find the power they have claimed for themselves come down on you in a way you simply cannot defend.  If they can’t find anything “usefull” to discredit an opponent, they will simply make it up.  They’ve been doing it for years by way of innuendo.  Now they simply have to turn to their pals, conveniently positioned in the maze of bureaucracy they have created, to obtain “real” evidence for whatever fantasy they require.


Additional info from The Washington Times

More from The Washington Times

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Last Friday, KTVU San Francisco made a mess when they rushed to report the names of the pilots aboard the Asiana flight that crashed, without checking their facts.

Just in case you missed it, here’s the report:

Be honest – it made you laugh, didn’t it?

I know there’s nothing at all funny about a plane crash.  I know 3 people are dead and 180 injured.  That is a sad and tragic event.

But as a standalone event, the KTVU report is funny.  And let me ask you to be honest again – when you heard it, was your first thought that it was racist?

Asiana Airlines apparently thinks it was, and they are planning to sue KTVU for their racial insensitivity.  Gee, if I had to guess who might have a good lawsuit in all this, it would be the families of those who died when the Asiana flight crashed, and maybe those who were injured, possibly because of the negligence of those pilots.

And if Asiana sues the TV station, the TV station will probably sue the NTSB, since that’s where they say they got confirmation of the fake names.  That means that any monetary award would be paid by the federal government who gets their money from you and me.

Gee and I wasn’t anywhere near San Francisco that day!

Of course, the NTSB has blamed all of this on a “summer intern.”

OK, I’ll wait while you laugh again.  I know, this story just gets better as it rolls along, doesn’t it?  I’m sure the NTSB will be getting rid of the intern in question.  I suggest he check for openings at the IRS.  He would probably be a good fit there.

As for that lawsuit that Asiana has threatened, please, can everyone take a breath and get a grip?  Does everything have to be about race?  Is everyone’s skin so paper- thin?  Do we all have to carry a rule book and check before we open our mouths?

We would be a much happier and healthier society if we all lightened up and learned how to laugh at ourselves.

Shake it off, Asiana.  You have bigger things to worry about.

And it was funny.

No lawsuit can change that.


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Did George Zimmerman get away with murder?  Did he abuse our legal system to get away with killing a young, black man simply because he’s obsessed with race?

From the look of things, we may be discussing that for some time to come in spite of what a jury has determined.

But there are other culprits here who are truly guilty of hideous crimes.  They are the many members of the old media who engaged in storytelling that they passed along as news to the rest of us.  The media wanted this case to be about race, and they wanted it so badly that when the facts didn’t support their preconceptions, they simply made them up.

Zimmerman was falsely accused of having made racially charged statements right from the beginning.  The accusations were reported and repeated across the board.  So it was rather surprising when we learned that Zimmerman was not white, but Hispanic.  Well, that didn’t fit what we were being told.

The remedy?  They created a new classification of hyphenated Americans – White Hispanic. By this standard, are we now to refer to the President of The United States as a White African American?  And what are we supposed to call all the other Hispanic people now?

Perhaps the most egregious of the lies came from NBC in late March of 2012, just a month after the incident when the 911 tapes were released.  They recklessly edited the 911 tape, so as to paint Zimmerman as the racist they wanted him to be.

This is the sort of thing you can’t take back.  It’s toothpaste you can’t put back in the tube, no matter what reluctant apology you issue quietly, days later.  In the racially charged atmosphere the press was creating, the damage was already done.

Breitbart.com has put together a good collection of the lies the media has handed us regarding this incident, including those of Al Sharpton who fanned the flames of the very racial divide he claims he wants to end.  If you are not familiar with the list, I urge you to have a look.

These outlets have no credibility left.  They should not be permitted to call themselves news organizations.  They no longer give us news, but instead feed unsuspecting viewers their own twisted ideas of how the world is and how they think it ought to be.

Zimmerman’s attorneys have filed suit against NBC for broadcasting their shameful editing of the 911 tape.  I’ll watch that case closely to see what possible defense they’ll put up.  I hope they are made to pay dearly for their deception.

I never met Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman.  I’m sad that one young man is dead and the other’s life is changed forever.  I have compassion for their families.  But the truth is that none of this affects my life and tragedies like this one happen every day that I never hear about.

You and I know about this one only because the media wanted us to.  Sadly, young, black men are killed in alarming numbers, but NBC and the others don’t tell us about those.  I have no idea what inspired them, but they decided that this one was more important than the others and that this one was all about race.  They were wrong about that part, but it didn’t matter to them.  They made it what they wanted it to be.  And in the process, we’ve become a little more divided and a little more suspicious of each other when we need not be.

For me, this trial was all about the media.

And this jury of one finds them guilty.


Breitbart’s timeline of media lies

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Francois Murad is a Catholic priest who was murdered in Syria last week.  With his hands tied behind his back, he was beheaded with what’s beingFrancoisMurad described as a kitchen knife.  A mob of men and boys chanted “Allahua Akbar” as Father Murad and two other men were brutally decapitated.

Many in the crowd had smartphones and used this modern technology to record the archaic,barbaric acts.  The pictures and videos are easily found online.  I won’t post any of it here.  That’ll be your own choice to view or not.

The murderers, the barbarians, are part of the group that Western news agencies and the Obama administration are referring to as “Syrian rebels.”  These are the people we are planning to support with cash, weapons and military training.

The Obama administration is also considering bringing Syrian refugees here to America.  Taking into account the current state of our immigration policy, and our government’s inability to determine friend from foe, that sends a chill down my spine.  Jihad – coming soon to a town near you!

Here’s what it looks like in Egypt right now.


The Obama administration, with plenty of support from the old, establishment republicans, was firmly behind the Arab Spring.  Their cheerleading and support helped oust a dictator in Egypt and install a Jihadist in his place.  And the people of Egypt are out in the streets again, in bigger numbers than ever.  And Egypt is just the latest and loudest of the unrest spreading across the entire region.

Does any of this deter our leaders from continuing their meddling into the affairs of other nations that they clearly do not fully understand?

Many of the “Syrian rebels” are Al Qaida members who fought against American soldiers in Iraq.  And while we’re arming them, supporting them as they decapitate Catholic priests in the name of Allah, the Russians are arming the Syrian government.

My God, what are we doing?


Full story on Father Murad at The Blaze

Update 7/4/13:  It is now being reported that Father Murad is NOT one of the men decapitated last week.  We are now being told that Murad was shot (eight times) and that news reports from the chaotic region became confused.

Updated story at CNS

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