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There is actually some work getting done in Washington this week.  Yesterday there was more testimony before the House Oversight Committee concerning the IRS scandal.   You’ll recall that the IRS has been accused of singling out conservative groups applying for tax exempt status and targeting them with delays and intimidation.

Remember when Becky Gerritson from the Wetumpka Tea Party got her say?

It was heartbreaking to hear her story and the stories of other Americans who were abused by thugs from our federal government.  But those thugs don’t seem to have learned their lesson.  Yesterday, Sarah Hall Ingram testified before the committee.  Ms. Ingram was one of the big shots in charge when all this was happening.

See the exchange between her and Rep. Gerald Connolly (D-VA.)

How dare they!  But this is what your government thinks of you.  They abuse you, stomp on your Constitutional rights and when you complain, they laugh at you.  Yuck, yuck.  How dare you question their authority!

What a small, arrogant man is Rep. Connolly.  The good people of Virginia’s 11th district should throw him out of office.  Unless of course they endorse this behavior.

And Ms. Ingram?  She went right along.  She thought Connolly was quite funny.  She ought to be fired, don’t you think?

Sorry to disappoint you, but she’s been promoted.  She’s now the director of the IRS Affordable Care Act office.

She’s now in charge of enforcing Obamacare.


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Obamacare is the law of the land.  I keep hearing that over and over and over.  From Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services:

“It (Obamacare) was passed and signed three years ago. It was upheld by the Supreme Court a year ago. The president was re-elected. This is the law of the land.”

OK.  But then, why aren’t you obeying it?  Why isn’t President Obama obeying it?  Why isn’t the United States Senate obeying it?  We have all watched as they handed out waiver after waiver to politically connected groups, even though it’s “the law of the land.”

The law says that starting January 1, 2014 that all businesses with more than 50 employees must provide health insurance to those employees.  But the White House waived that.  They will ignore it for a year and will not enforce it.  Why can’t you and I get that same waiver?  Why are corporations being exempted from the law, but you and I won’t be?

That’s the question Republican lawmakers have been asking.  They’ve been trying to get us the same exemption from the law that big corporations (campaign donors) are getting.

The law also says that members of Congress and their staff must get their health coverage through the Obamacare exchanges, the same as you or I would have to.  That was, of course, until they received their waiver from the Obama administration.  The very people who forced this on us, refuse to participate.

What are they afraid of?

And why do they refuse to obey “the law of the land?”

Our immigration laws are “the law of the land” yet the Obama administration, and frankly, several prior administrations refuse to obey and enforce those laws.

Our government is not permitted to spy on us.  It’s “the law of the land.”  But the NSA is snooping through our correspondence and collecting all manner of data on each and every one of us.  And they continue doing so despite all our complaints.

Our Constitution grants us the right to free speech, specifically so that we can speak out when we don’t like what our government is doing.  That’s “the law of the land” too.  But agents of the IRS harass and threaten citizens exercising that right.  And we’re about to make them the enforcement mechanism for all our healthcare!  Gee, I just can’t wait until they have access to my personal medical information, can you?!

It is “the law of the land” that Congress give us a budget each year.  Yet they haven’t complied since 2009.  That’s the reason we’re even having the argument about Obamacare today.  We stopped having actual budgets and now run our nation’s finances through “continuing resolutions.”  So we’re forced to watch this drama play out in Washington over and over and over, just as we are now.

So I say fine.  If you want to offer the argument that Obamacare is “the law of the land” and therefore must be followed, then let’s do it.  But we’ll follow all of it.  No more carve-outs, no more waivers, no more exemptions for those who are politically connected.

And we’ll follow all the other laws too.  Bring the NSA, TSA, IRS, Homeland Security, and most of all Congress into compliance.

Let’s all follow “the law of the land” and put an end to the corruption of the drama queens we have running America.

By the way, we may want to begin by asking our elected leaders to explain the law to us.


That is, if any one of them can claim they actually know what’s in all those pages.


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This one is really for our beloved Low Information Voters.  As I’ve told you before, I understand your hesitation when it comes to politics.  I hear your sighs at the mention of the word.  I see your eyes roll up into your head.  I get it.

But I still keep reminding you that it is politicians who write the laws, who make the rules that you and I have to live by. What they do has a profound effect on our lives and we can no longer afford to leave them unattended.

Your big complaints are that it’s all too complicated to keep track of and you don’t know who’s lying and who’s telling the truth.  I am happy to tell you that a crash course that will provide your answers is available and is just starting to play out for all to watch.  I promise you that if you’ll pay attention to just one issue over the coming days and weeks, you’ll learn all you need to know.  That issue is the IRS scandal.

As we know, President Obama and his spokesman switched gears last week and are now saying that the scandals plaguing the administration are phonies.  (See Friday’s post if you need to catch up on that.)  Treasury Secretary Jack Lew appeared on TV Sunday to push the notion that there’s nothing to see with regard to what’s going on at the IRS and that the president’s political enemies are just out to get him.  Here’s part of his interview with Chris Wallace.  If all this is really too painful for you, you can skip to just before the 3 minute mark and still get the gist.

So according to Lew, conservative groups were not singled out, everyone guilty of bad behavior has been dealt with, all the appropriate questions have been asked and those looking for any political connections to the Obama administration are simply playing politics.  There’s no there there.

OK.  So now let’s look at the facts that we do know.

There were over a hundred applications for tax exempt status from conservative groups that the IRS pulled out for extra scrutiny and subjected to questions that were outside IRS jurisdiction.  A handful of applications from progressive groups got extra scrutiny.

Who has paid any price at the IRS?  Well, Lois Lerner, who plead the Fifth and refused to answer questions for members of Congress, and Holly Paz were put on paid administrative leave.  They’re on paid vacation.  Joseph Grant has retired.  We assume he’s collecting his full pension and benefits.

As best we can tell, William Wilkins, IRS Chief Council appointed by President Obama, has not been questioned by anyone.

The citizens who appeared before Congress to tell of how they were singled out by the IRS say that no one from the FBI or any other government agency has interviewed them or even contacted them.  I can’t figure out how investigators can investigate without ever speaking to the victims.

And of course, there is what the president promised (before he changed his mind.)

So the sides are drawn up.  On the right, you have people complaining that those conducting the investigation are dragging their feet and refuse to ask the proper questions of the parties involved.  On the left you have people saying that the investigation has revealed nothing but a tiny handful of career employees who behaved badly but have been dealt with, and that anyone suggesting a political angle is just fishing for something that doesn’t exist.

The facts tell us that something very, very wrong happened.  There is simply no question about that.  Private citizens – Americans – were denied their right to participate in the electoral process because of their political views.  The party currently in power, abused that power to stifle the freedom of speech of these Americans.  To suggest that the investigation is pretty much complete when we know so many involved haven’t even been questioned is absurd.  No one has been punished.  No one has taken responsibility.

And over the coming days and weeks, you will be able to watch the dance play out.  You will be able to tell which politicians and which members of the media are lying and which are telling the truth.  If the anchor on your news channel tells you all this is phony and those crazy conservatives are on a witch hunt, you’ll know you’re being lied to.

The same goes for members of Congress.  Listen to what they say.  Are they interested in getting to the truth or do they just want to insult those asking for the truth?  Are they looking out for you or are they more interested in defending their political party?

And as you’re watching and making note of who is lying to you, please remember that we are just months away from the implementation of Obamacare.  The same IRS that has engaged in political targeting is about to be put in charge of enforcing our healthcare system.

If you don’t think that’s a good enough reason to invest a little of your time and figure out the truth, I just don’t know what else I can say to awaken you.  You deserve to live in a country where your rulers decide what scraps they’ll throw you.

It’s too bad you will be taking the rest of us down with you.


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