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Well, I made a big promise yesterday, didn’t I?  Time to deliver on it.  I think we should talk about some basics first.  One of the biggies everyone needs to understand is the hoax of what is currently  called “climate change.”  And lucky me, there are a few things in the news this morning that are very helpful.

The Drudge Report has linked to a story from Real Science with a copy of a story that ran in Newsweek in 1975.

From that article:


Did you know this?  Back in the 70’s we were being told that the Earth’s temperature was dropping and we were all in danger of starving to death.

As we all know, that changed and the warnings began about AGW – Anthropogenic Global Warming, or Manmade Global Warming.  All the ice would melt, there would be great floods, our coastlines would be drastically changed, people would drown.  Every weather event was blamed on AGW – hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts…   They even made movies about it.


And we were to blame for it all.

Americans were in love with their SUV’s and the Co2 we were pumping into the atmosphere would kill us all.  Our selfishness, our unwillingness to give up our large vehicles would mean certain death for the entire planet.

Have you ever heard of the big lie theory?  Basically, it says that if you’re going to lie, make it a whopper and keep telling it over and over.  Most people are decent and truthful, and they want to believe that everyone else is too.  So if you stick to that big lie long enough, average people will think, “Well, there must be something to this.  No one would continue to say such a thing if it weren’t true.”  Eventually they begin to believe it.

And once you have enough people believing in your story, you can act on it.  This is precisely what the politicians and other shysters have done.  We are paying dearly to protect ourselves from this sham.  Oil products which run the globe are more costly.  We’re burning our food supply because the government requires a certain amount of ethanol in our gasoline.  These are ruining the engines of our cars.  Higher fuel prices means higher manufacturing and transportation costs, raising the price of everything we buy.  This list runs on and on.

We’ve even set up “carbon exchanges.”  Companies are assigned (by government) how much Co2 they are permitted to release into the atmosphere as a result of manufacturing or whatever their business may be.  This is measured in carbon credits.  If your company doesn’t have enough, you can purchase some from other companies that have an excess at a carbon exchange.  If you are unable to purchase more credits, you pay a fine – to the government.  You have probably heard of this referred to as “cap and trade.”

All this money changing hands for a chemical compound that occurs naturally!  It is what we exhale when we breathe.  It is required in the process of photosynthesis – our food supply depends on it.

But our elected leaders and those of other countries around the world have found a way to use this to take our money and control our behavior.

The “science” behind the theory of AGW has been debunked.  We still hear from devoted experts who claim it’s all true, but their evidence continues to fall apart.  Even so, they continue to collect their government grants as the politicians continue to preach.  As the residents of Moore, OK were digging their children out of the rubble of yesterday’s tornado, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) was on the floor of the Senate:

“Why do you care? Why do you, Sheldon Whitehouse, Democrat of Rhode Island, care  if we Republicans run off the climate cliff like a bunch of proverbial lemmings  and disgrace ourselves?”

He went on at length, chastising republicans for denying AGW.  One might say he was politicizing the tragedy in OK.  They would be right.  But such is the fervor of the devotees of the hoax.  Even as we all learn that the Earth’s temperature hasn’t risen in 16 years and some scientists say we’re entering another cold period, well, they just change the name.

Now it’s just climate change.

And that keeps things simple.  Any variation from what they have determined to be the ideal for our planet provides an opportunity to again take our money and control our behavior.  That’s what it’s all about.  If the science doesn’t back them up, they’ll mock it and anyone who speaks of it.  Their “experts” who are on the tax-payer gravy train will provide them with “science” that fits.

It’s really just that simple.


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Boy, am I tired this morning.  We were awakened around 2 AM by a symphony of beeping from our several battery backups.  The power had gone off.  Well, not all of it.  It turns out that we were only getting 110 of the 220 volts that should be coming into the house.

At least that’s how it was explained to me.  My expertise in electricity is pretty much limited to where the light switch is and don’t stick a fork in the outlet.

And of course, the things in the house not getting power included the refrigerator and the air conditioner.

Florida Power and Light was very efficient.  They sent someone right away.  A full crew arrived by sunrise and provided a temporary fix.  They’ll be back to do the permanent repair, which sounds like a pretty big job, sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Living in hurricane country, we’re used to getting by without electricity for extended periods.  FEMA advises during hurricane season that we be prepared to be self-sufficient for 3 days.  We’ve had some practice and can do 3 days now standing on one foot with one hand tied behind our backs.

But loss of power is always that sudden reminder of how much we take it for granted.  And there are limitations to just how long you can survive on your own in a suburban environment without it.

I watched a TV show last night in which the bad guy was a genius computer hacker.  In the show, he wanted to shut down an area near Washington, DC.  He used his expertise to block cell phone service, and then manipulated several traffic signals so as to cause a handful of accidents which led to gridlock on the roads within minutes.  People were all stuck in their cars for blocks and blocks and had no communication.

This scenario doesn’t seem all that far-fetched to me.  And done on a bigger scale, it could create real havoc.  I recall the Doomsday Preppers, that show about people who fear some catastrophic event and spend all their waking hours preparing for it.  Many of them plan to “bug out.”  They plan to load up all their hoarded supplies and drive to their “undisclosed location” in the middle of nowhere.

I always wondered how they figured they were going to be able to drive.  In the case of a major catastrophe, unless you are already in the middle of nowhere, you’re probably not going anywhere.  The roads would most likely be clogged and at a standstill in most areas in under an hour.


Panic and mayhem would follow right behind.


As I mentioned, we don’t often think of how much we depend on electricity until the lights go out.  Our power system across the nation is getting old.  There are only three major grids and I fear they are far more vulnerable than our government would like us to believe.  I wonder how well they are maintained and protected.  I’m sure the folks from Al Qaeda would love to get in there and do some damage.

I see my government spending a lot of money on “alternative energy” like windmills, solar power, ethanol, etc.  The Earth’s temperature hasn’t increased in over a decade and scientists are now warning that we’re heading into a cooling period.  But our government, from the federal level right down to my city are all still running according to the warnings of global warming.  They seem unwilling and unable to adjust to reality.

Since we now know that the global warming alarmists were wrong and that our cars are not making the planet warmer, it would make sense for us to go get all the oil and natural gas that’s under our feet.  It’s so much cheaper and far more efficient than the alternative fuel sources they keep throwing our money at.

Think of the benefits.  We would fix unemployment almost overnight.  We would stop burning our food supply (corn) and the price of food would come back down.  Transportation costs would go down, lowering the price of just about everything we buy.  We wouldn’t be funding terrorists by buying oil from them.  The list goes on and on.

We could use some of that savings to secure and modernize our power system.

And a bonus for the Preppers – they wouldn’t have to worry so much about bugging out.


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If you’re still following this series and have stuck with my meandering stroll down memory lane, I thank you.  There is a point.  My generation has been carefully groomed by progressives.  Not all of us fell into line, but enough of us did to make substantial changes to our society.  And now that many of their policies have been in place for a while, let’s examine the results.

We may as well start with those hippies and the free love.  Prior to 1960, out-of-wedlock birth rates in the United States were in single digits.  After 1960 the rate skyrockets.  Currently the total out-of-wedlock births in the US is over 40%.  Minorities fare the worst, with that number at 53% for Hispanics and a whopping 73% for blacks.

But the absence of a married father in the home is the principle cause of child poverty.  And in the 40 years since the Supreme Court ruled on Roe v. Wade, 55,000 unborn children have been lost.  Free love may be fun for mom and dad but their children are paying the price.

There may be a lot of reasons why so many children are being born to unwed mothers, and so many are being aborted, but we can certainly include lower participation in formal religion.  According to Gallup, in 1948, 91% of Americans reported they were Christians.  That number is now significantly lower, 60 -70% depending on the study.  The numbers for those who regularly attend services drop even more.

But there is a steady effort to diminish religion and remove it from any public arena.  Our second president, John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”  But progressives claim that the Constitution of the government that Adams helped create protects them from having to gaze on Nativity scenes or crosses and it makes it illegal to mention God in our schools.

Environmentalism, the modern version – not to be confused with conservationism, has its roots as I recall in the 1960s.  The progressive heroine of the time was Rachel Carson, whose book, Silent Spring, led to the creation of the EPA and the banning of DDT.

This ban has been blamed for millions of deaths, mostly from Malaria, mostly in Africa.  But this “unintended consequence” is rarely mentioned and Carson is still considered a hero.  Saving the birds is noble.  Killing human beings in the process just isn’t talked about.

In the 1970s they warned we were all going to freeze to death because of global cooling.  Ten years later they reversed all that and warned about man-madeTimeMagCooling global warming.  It was our cars that would kill us.

All this has been thoroughly debunked, but they still spoon feed it to our kids in school, set public policy by it, spend obscene amounts of our money to prevent it and blame every weather event on it.  This has never been about our climate, but about controlling our habits.  They have far too much invested in this to give up simply because the lie has been exposed.

Our entitlement programs are going broke.  What do progressives do?  Create another one – Obamacare – bigger and more expensive than anything we’ve ever attempted.  The fact that we cannot pay for any of this is brushed aside.

The list goes on and on.  Minimum wage laws end up hurting the very people they were intended to help.  Regulations prevent people from starting businesses and becoming employers.  Billions of dollars are spent on schools that produce graduates who can’t read or add.  Banks are forced  to give mortgages to people who can’t repay them, then those same banks are blamed for the mess when it all falls apart.

So why does all this continue?  Why don’t people get angry?  Why don’t they demand our leaders be more responsible and make some changes?

Progressive policies come with a built-in defense mechanism – they sound good.  Who doesn’t want to help poor people, old people, sick people or children?  This used to be the job of our religious institutions or simply a matter of personal responsibility.  But both of these concepts have been destroyed and replaced with dependency on the state – the primary goal of progressivism.  And because it all sounds so good, too many are drawn to it willingly.


Next – conclusion – I promise!

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In his State of the Union address, President Obama continued one of his favorite themes about not adding a dime to our debt.  The RNC put together a video showing the history of this theme and how it’s panned out so far.

On Tuesday, the president presented his wish list.  It includes plans to fix our roads and bridges (the ones that were supposed to be fixed with the stimulus money) send our children (about 8 million a year) to pre-school, “invest” in green energy (because that has worked out so well in recent years, hasn’t it?) regulate carbon emissions and save each of us $3,000 on our mortgages.

And it’s not going to cost us a dime.

At least, that’s what he said.


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I prepared some remarks about President Obama’s State of the Union address and Sen. Marco Rubio’s response.  What I wrote was pretty boring.  But the subject matter was boring.  It was just more of the same and I’m weary of it.  I know you are too.

So I deleted it all.

Instead, here is the response given by Sen. Rand Paul last night.  I don’t think anyone televised it and you probably haven’t seen it.  You most likely will find that what Sen. Paul has to say is more closely aligned with what you think needs to be done in Washington.


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This one is just too funny to pass up.

Former VP Al “the Earth has a fever” Gore appeared on his Current TV post debate discussion.

What did he blame President Obama’s poor performance on?

That’s right.  Altitude.


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Remember this?

Earlier this year Solyndra was caught destroying millions of dollars worth of glass tubes used to make solar panels at their now defunct company.  They abandoned what they didn’t destroy, and still owe American taxpayers a half billion dollars.

Like so many other “green” companies that we’ve talked about here in the past, SpectraWatt, Evergreen, Beacon Power, Ener 1, SunPower….. they jumped on the federal government’s green gravy train, took our money, went belly up and lived happily ever after, leaving us the bill.

In another time, elected leaders and bureaucrats would have learned a lesson.  They would have feared the bashing they would receive from the press if they ever dared let such a waste of tax payer dollars and such cronyism happen again.

But we’re living in the Twilight Zone where our old media has become a partisan, political machine that does the bidding of progressives.  Americans have watched decades of their hard work wiped out under crushing debt that our grandchildren will still be paying.  Anti-American riots continue to spread across the world and millions of people chant in the streets, “Death to America” and “We’re a billion Osamas.”  But given the chance to interview the President of The United States the old media asks hard-hitting questions like, “What’s your favorite color and why?” and “If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?”

So is it any wonder that this week the Obama administration will give a new solar company, SoloPower, 197 million tax-payer dollars?  They are not held accountable by the press, so why shouldn’t they rub salt in our gaping, open wounds?


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By now everyone knows the danger of breaking a compact fluorescent light bulb.  We’ve all heard of the hazardous mercury and how we have to evacuate, ventilate the room and seal the remnants in an old mayonnaise jar before hopping into the SUV and driving those remains across town to the recycling center.  (I hope I’m not the only one who sees the irony there.)

But now another danger?  A new study from Stony Brook University says yes.  They found that those CFLs are emitting UV radiation.

From Human Events:

“…CFL bulbs emit a high level of ultraviolet light, which is supposed to be trapped by the phosphor coating inside the glass…If the phosphor coating is cracked, UV rays escape from the bulb, causing damage to exposed skin cells from prolonged exposure at short ranges.

The really bad news is that the Stony Brook University study found that all of the CFL light bulbs they studied had cracks in the phosphor coating.  They purchased bulbs from different stores in two different counties, and every one of them emitted a significant level of ultraviolet radiation.”

Now this is of particular interest to me.  All those summer days spent baking in the Sun at the beach have caught up with me and my pale Irish skin.  My dermatologist and I have been on a first name basis for years.  I think I’m single-handedly putting his oldest through college.  Nowadays, I am ordered to apply the heavy duty sunscreen before venturing outside.  And I have amassed quite a collection of hats.

I didn’t know I had to wear them in the house.

Someone remind me, why did we outlaw incandescent bulbs?  Why is my government forcing me to put these unsafe CFLs in my home?

Oh yeah, to save Mother Earth.  Sheesh.

I know the environmental greenies think there are too many humans on the planet and that the Earth would be better off if there were less of us.  I just didn’t think they would try to hasten it along by bumping us off with their curly lightbulbs.

The story on Stony Brook study from Human Events


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On Tuesday we learned that our Navy is going green.  They are spending $26 gallon on biofuel, currently for five ships with plans to make our entire Navy green by 2020.

I have no idea how much fuel one of those massive ships uses in a day, but I know it’s a lot.  And multiplied by the $22.40 cent per gallon increase over the cost of conventional fuel and it sounds insane.

Of course, it’s not their money.  It’s ours.  It’s so much easier to go nuts when you’re not paying the bill.


Today, we’re learning that Nevada Geothermal Power is about to go belly up.  Why should you care?  Because our government has invested almost a 100 million of our dollars in the company.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the company would put Nevadans to work.  Energy Secretary Steven Chu supported giving tax payer money to the company too, wanting to demonstrate the federal government’s commitment to geothermal power to achieve the nation’s clean energy goals.

But like Solyndra, Solar Trust, Beacon Power, Evergreen Solar, Eastern Energy……. there won’t be any jobs.  There won’t be any green power.

There’s just that loud sucking sound of our money being flushed down the government’s green toilet.


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What’s A Green Job?

The Department of Labor received $500 million from the stimulus to train people for green jobs.  That’s a lot of money and it’s our money.  And the House Oversight Committed is looking into how it’s being spent.

Thank you Congressman Issa.  We know this is all bogus so it’s nice to see one of the perps squirm.  It’s so easy to be irresponsible with other people’s money until you have to answer for it in front of the cameras.

No matter how noble you may consider our government’s interest in all things green, it’s time to admit that everything they’ve tried has been a failure – Solyndra, Fisker, Beacon Power, EnerDel…  The list continues to grow as the Obama administration plans more ways to throw our money into the green energy pit of doom.

But ask the president or any of his accomplices and they’ll tell you about all the green jobs they’ve created.

I wonder what it’s like to live in such a fantasy world?


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